Tips to Keep Your Car Battery Safe in Rains

What’s not to love about a monsoon road trip? The intoxicating smell of rain that has freshly kissed the earth, the mild breeze that gently blows against the skin; it seems like the clouds’ burdens pour down to lighten ours. However, the same is not true for your beloved car, which has to overcome muddy and slippery roads. Moreover, the monsoons are not your car battery’s best friend either.

Just like you prepare for the monsoons with umbrellas, rain jackets and boots, your car’s battery also needs protection against the humid months. Given below are few useful tips to keep your car battery safe during the rains.

Ensure that the Battery is Safely Fastened

Before you begin planning for long drives this monsoon, make sure that all the parts of your car are properly intact, specifically, the battery. Begin from the hood by checking if there aren’t places where humidity can reach inside. Then move on to the battery’s mechanism and tighten the nuts and bolts to an extent that the battery doesn’t jiggle when you are driving.

Improper placement of the battery can harm its terminals, especially during monsoons when the roads are slippery and full of bumps and surprises. Battery terminals are the most sensitive parts of the battery and should be handled with care.

Check for Corrosion and Rust on the Surface

Monsoons bring other hurdles for the car’s battery as well, the most prominent of which is rust and corrosion. Extreme humidity can quickly evaporate a battery’s acids. These acids are usually present inside the battery’s solvent.

To see if your battery is beginning to corrode, check the battery’s negative terminal. You may see a greenish layer on the terminal. Use a battery cleaner to remove this corrosion. 

Open the Hood Frequently

It’s great that you have removed the corrosion that persisted on the battery terminals. But how do you prevent that from happening in the future? The answer to this lies in the process of corrosion. It is caused by increased humidity and hot temperatures. All you need to do to is steer clear of such weather conditions by frequently allowing fresh air to circulate inside your car and parking it in an open space if your car has been drenched in a heavy downpour as it is then that the humidity levels will be the highest.

Safeguard the Cables

A car battery has cables attached to its terminals. Most cables aren’t insulated enough to withhold wear-and-tear and it makes them naked over time. It might seem normal but a slight carelessness from your side can shot-circuit these cables during heavy rains. Moreover, naked cables also rust a lot, further affecting the battery’s long term performance.

As cable servicing and replacement isn’t an easy task, you should always go to a reliable car battery service provider to get them replaced.

Maintain Battery Cleanliness

Every monsoon season brings dust and rain storms with it, for which your car’s battery needs to be prepared. Try to clean the battery every once in a while, more importantly after dust storms and heavy rains. Use a battery cleaning liquid/spray and a dry cloth to clean the surface. Always prioritise your battery‘s dryness as moisture corrodes its terminals. Clean it regularly to make it shine like a new car battery.

Get the Car Battery Serviced

We agree that the power of nature overpowers a human’s ability to safeguard his or her belongings; however, we must not hesitate to do our part. And an important aspect of keeping your car’s battery safe, not just during the monsoons but throughout the year is to get it checked by a car battery service provider.

And not just any service provider, but experienced professionals like those at Car Fit Experts! We offer car battery check and replacement services carried out by company-trained professionals in possession of specialised tools and years of experience. We house the widest multi-model inventory of high-performance batteries from renowned brands such as Exide and Amaron. You can purchase for your new car battery online and have it delivered at your doorstep!

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