Tips to Protect Your Car’s Battery in Monsoon Season

The rainy season provides much-needed relief from the scorching heat, but at the same time, it also takes a toll on your car’s battery. Moisture and humidity can seriously damage the battery set’s internal circuitry. Listed below are a few simple tips to keep your car battery up and running during the monsoon season.

Clean Your Battery Regularly

The solvent in your automotive battery contains a mix of acids. With frequent usage, these fluids turn gaseous and evaporate by leaking out of the battery set. The expulsion of said gasses produces a chemical reaction. Due to this process, you may notice a bluish-greenish layer forming around the negative terminal of the battery, which is a clear sign that the battery is corroding. A corroding battery provides an insufficient flow of power and thwarts functionality.

Clean your battery’s terminals with the help of warm water, toothbrush, and baking soda. Begin by wetting them with water. Next, mix one portion of baking soda in warm water to make a solution. Dip the toothbrush in the solution and start scrubbing over the affected area. Wipe the rust off with a clean damp cloth afterwards.

Make Sure it is Properly Fastened

Generally, modern-day batteries are snug and do not shift when the vehicle is on the move. However, during the monsoon seasons, the roads tend to get slippery and potholes on the road increase, making your car’s battery more prone to shifting. If your battery becomes loose, it may tip over, causing your vehicle to come to a standstill in the middle of the road.

Additionally, a loosely-fitted battery will pound against other components under the hood. It will also risk spilling acid on them which can severely damage the internal wiring, and cause other hazards. Therefore, keep the battery tray clean and the battery adequately fastened to its bracket.

Park in a Rainproof Garage or Shed

An insulated or covered garage will keep your car’s battery warm and dry during the monsoon months. However, make sure that your garage does not get too hot as that can destroy your battery terminals. A car shed with a roof on top works pretty well during the monsoon season. The idea is to prevent prolonged moisture exposure.

However, make sure that your battery does get some room to breathe. Open the bonnet and let your battery expel the gasses and accumulated heat if it has been inside a closed garage for too long. This tip costs nothing but has a long-term positive impact on the battery’s performance and lifespan.

Double Check All Vehicle Lights before You Exit

This tip is applicable for all seasons. Your car’s battery can completely drain off if you leave the headlights, cabin, or trunk lights on even for a few hours. Certain high-end cars do have sensors that ensure that the headlights are turned off automatically. But, most vehicles on the road today don’t have this feature.

If you are forgetful regarding turning off of your headlamps, stick a post-it note somewhere on your dashboard to ensure that the lights are off. Sometimes, people shut the doors of their vehicle sloppily which leads to the cabin lights remaining switched on. Shut your door correctly when you exit your vehicle. Also, refrain from keeping your vehicle’s blower switched on, once you have switched the a/c off. Remember that the engine powers the air-conditioner; however, the battery powers the fans. You can jumpstart your engine in case the battery has completely drained off. Jumpstarting it will let your battery resume its functionality. However, if you keep draining the battery by leaving features on accidentally, you will need to replace the set sooner than later.

Get Your Battery Professional Care

Electricity and water is a disastrous combination. If your car’s battery somehow got exposed to a substantial amount of water during the rainy season, get it fixed by a professional automotive-care provider like Car Fit Experts. If you need to get your battery replaced, make sure to buy a battery set from brands like Exide, Amaron, 3M, and Bosch.

When it’s time to get a new car battery, do not buy a locally made battery set, even if available at a lower price. Unauthentic batteries thwart feature functionality and come with no warranty. A high-performance branded battery comes with proper warranty certification and should last between three to five years, depending on usage.

Over to You

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