Top Car Cleaning Tips that Everyone Should Know

Like your home, your car too needs regular maintenance. You might wash your car with a water hose every week or even have your car washed every morning before you leave for work and while it may do the job of removing surface dirt and giving your car a clean look, it is not enough! It is recommended that you do a thorough cleaning of your car, not only to remove grime and dirt stuck in difficult places but also to maintain your car’s resale value and rejuvenate its original shine and polish.

Now, you might prefer to go outside-in while cleaning your car, but we recommend that you go inside- out so that polishing your car and cleaning your windows are the last steps in the whole car cleaning process. When you vacuum or dust the interiors of your car, dust particles from the carpet, dashboard, etc. will be set free in the air and might get your windows and the exteriors dirty, therefore cleaning the inside of your car first is a good idea.

Clear the Junk

The first thing that you need when cleaning the interior of your car is a bag to put all the materials that you find lying around in the car. You can actually get two bags – one bag for the things that you will keep like loose change, pens, chargers, credit cards and one bag for all the junk like parking lot receipts, bills, or empty packet of chips. This first step can often turn into a treasure hunt! Push the front seats forward and back to be sure that nothing is left underneath them and don’t forget to check the door pockets.


You might use a rug to clean but it is not the best material for your car. You need a microfiber cloth – they pick up more dust and don’t leave any scratches. Sometimes it is hard to reach the end of the dashboard because of the angle of the windshield in some cars. Do not worry; these areas will be covered in the vacuuming step.

Pick up a Brush!

No, we don’t intend to test your painting skills, but a brush comes in very handy while cleaning the front panel. The front panel has a lot of buttons and controls, and it can be tough to just clean it using a cloth, so dusting using an old make-up or painting brush is a good idea.

Dirt deposits on the edges of control panels, buttons can look ugly, so if you are a perfectionist and want to clean to the last detail, a brush might not cut it. You will need a flat screwdriver and a piece of cloth. Cover the screwdriver with the cloth and clean the tough edges gently.


Once you are done with the dusting/cleaning of the top part, you can bring your vacuum in. If you don’t have an electrical socket near your car park and if you plan on plugging in your vacuum into your car, then it is vital that you start the engine and let the car idle for a while to charge your battery; not doing so will drain out your battery.

Again, you should start vacuuming from the dashboard, move on to the front panel, making sure that you vacuum the air vents for any dust particles that might be clogging up and loading on your air-conditioning system, then to your seats and finally the carpet.

After vacuuming, you can wash the rubber foot mats (if you have any); other than that, don’t try and wash the carpet or the seats because the interiors of the car will take very long to dry and can promote the growth of mould and mildew. Instead, you can brush it using a carpet brush (but do so before vacuuming) or use a steam-cleaning machine if you have one.

Make Your Car’s Exterior Look as Good as Brand New!

Moving on to the exteriors, you can just use water and a microfiber cloth and then move on to polishing, but if you are going to buy a polisher and wax, you might as well buy a cleaning agent meant for cars. A trick here would be to use two buckets of water – one with a cleaning agent and one as it is so that you can wash your cloth after every sweep with clean water and do not need to keep rubbing the same dirt over and over on your car.

Once done washing, you can polish your car using a polisher. Polishing will give the final touches to your cleaning before you put on any wax. 

Maintaining your car does not have to be a chore; it can be therapeutic. Plus, a clean car will enhance your driving experience and improve your car’s performance! However, in case you need professional car cleaning and detailing services, contact Car Fit Experts! Our experts use 100% original top cleaning products with a maximum turnaround time of just 4 hours. Moreover, we also offer quality high-performance batteries and battery check and replacement services pan-India.

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