What to Look for When Shopping for a Car Battery?

Car battery shopping checklist

When it comes to your car, a reliable and powerful battery is essential for keeping it running smoothly. Choosing the right battery for cars is downright confusing. With the massive influx of brands, car owners are encountering a new challenge. Car battery price is undoubtedly a key consideration, but some other things are even more necessary to consider at the same time when you are shopping for a car battery.

No matter what you have already cooked up in your mind, you should prioritize getting a maintenance-free battery. Your driving experience will be less than smooth if your battery is not in good condition. In case you are looking for a guide to advise you on what to look for when shopping for a car battery, we have come for your help.

Here’s everything that needs to be noted 

  •     Battery Type

Different vehicles have varying demands for batteries. So, figure out which battery is more appropriate for the smooth operation of your car. Find out whether it requires a standard flooded battery, an AGM battery, or something else. If your car model is too unique, you may struggle to get the right piece at the best car battery price.

  •     Battery Sizes

Fluid spillage, vibrations, or unexpected internal damage in nearby battery locations can all be caused by improper fitting. SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, or any other car brand have different battery size requirements. These sizes are often in terms of the battery’s length, width, and height. So how do you figure out the best-size battery? Well, you can simply evaluate your existing battery’s dimensions.

  •     Battery Reserve Capacity (RC)

The battery’s performance can’t be skipped in the analysis, and this factor will be evaluated based on the battery’s reserve capacity. Reserve capacity refers to the duration for which a battery will keep energizing the car on its own. The higher the RC of a battery is, the better your car’s light will stay on in a harsh situation. However, it may impact car battery prices.

  •     Cranking Amps (CA or CCA)

The battery’s power output or how long it will work for you will be determined based on cranking amps. For example, car batteries last for one or two years in a hot climate and three to five years in a cold climate. If you live in a hot area, the battery needs to start at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and information will be given in the Cranking Amps (CA) section. If you drive the car in a cold climate, you will look for Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), which state the power needed to start the battery at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

  •     Battery Brand 

If you want to replace your existing battery with the intent of upgrading it, you can use other metrics. Only a few car brands have their own batteries. Others source their vehicle batteries from other brands. So, check the manual and purchase the battery that belongs to your car.

  •     Warranty

Car battery prices can range anything between ₹3,700 – ₹5,123 per piece. But you must ensure that this ever-popular consideration factor doesn’t exclusively influence your decision. A cheap product with no warranty might require a reinvestment in your car battery. If you want to get the most out of battery performance, you should never be afraid of spending extra out of your pocket if you get a warranty card. This will assure you that your investment is safe.


But it literally doesn’t mean that we ignore car battery prices. You will still have to ensure that a car battery supplier isn’t cheating you. Therefore, we recommend purchasing only from a trusted car supplier who is trustworthy and genuine.


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