What is a waterless car wash? And why should you choose it?

Car servicing and car washing are the two fundamental ways to maintain the top-notch condition of your four-wheeler. Washing the car removes the impurities from the auto body and prevents deterioration to the paint. However, car washing with soap and water is not considered an environment-friendly option since it results in a significant amount of water wastage.

Waterless car wash is a more sustainable way to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Every time you opt for a waterless car wash, you are contributing to the environment. Before choosing this option, you should have thorough knowledge about the fundamentals of a waterless car wash and the safety of the products used in it. 

What is Waterless Car Wash?

A waterless car wash (also termed spray-on car wash) is an eco-friendly option for car washing, as it uses minimal or no water in washing the car. A waterless car wash lets you save close to hundreds of liters of water per car and is also known as ‘no water car wash.’

Best car detailing service providers use a combination of this eco-friendly approach to car washing with environment-friendly car cleaning products. When used instead of soap, waterless products let the car detailer service the narrowest spaces in the vehicle. Since waterless products are more advanced than soap, the lack of water is compensated in its composition.

Dry wash is super-effective against painted surfaces that are sometimes difficult to clean up without high-pressure water. Apart from this, a waterless car wash can potentially remove dirt, grease, and tar marks; without causing a single dent on the vehicle!

A waterless car wash is conclusively a more environment-friendly and effective way to keep your car in good shape.

Advantages of waterless car wash

Apart from environmental benefits, here are some of the significant advantages offered by no water car wash:

  • No requirement of car wash tool kits

Traditional car washing requires water, soap, essential tools, and a car wash kit to execute the cleaning process. On the other hand, one can easily store waterless car washing kits inside the car cargo.

You avoid carrying around a lot of car wash tools once you opt for a waterless car wash.

  • Save time

The traditional approach to car washing takes an ample amount of time. Whereas cleaning and waxing the car with waterless products take less than an hour.

If you are looking for a quick fix to shine your car, always opt for a waterless car wash.

  • Experience a long-lasting protection

The combination of waterless car wash and wax products produces a durable sparkle that can last for a few months. Apart from removing rudimentary impurities on the car, a dry car wash protects the vehicle from tar, pests, bird droppings, and more.

To summarize, the benefits offered by waterless car wash outnumber those offered by water-based car washing by a considerable margin!

When to choose a waterless car wash?

Rapid urbanization is creating a massive burden on the available water resources, and it is the citizens’ collective responsibility to save this resource. The spray-on car wash uses high lubricity sprays for polishing and washing the vehicle’s bodywork. As there is no water usage in washing the car, you are playing an active role in creating a more environmentally friendly planet.

A waterless car wash is ideal in scenarios where you want to retain your car’s shine in a minimal amount of time. If there is visible dirt on the car, a waterless car wash can do wonders for the car.

Car detailing and cleaning is more effective with a waterless car wash. As you only require dry car washing kits and few towels to execute a car wash, you can take the DIY (Do It Yourself) route in dire situations. However, it is recommended to choose a reliable car cleaning and detailing services company as their skilled technicians can quickly restore your vehicle’s look (using environment-friendly means).

Car Fit Experts, one of the best car detailing service providers in India, checks every surface and every part of the car before proceeding with detailing & professional waterless car wash.


Waterless car wash is instrumental in removing dirt on the car without wasting liters of water! Car detailing – a cleaning procedure for removing stubborn stains from the car’s interior and exterior, can complement the advantages of a dry car wash. It is recommended to avail best car detailing services from Car Fit Experts to maintain the car’s visual and functional aesthetics.


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