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Headlight Restoration

Car Fit Experts provide prompt car headlight restoration services for improved visibility and a smooth drive. Visit our conveniently located service centers to avail car light restoration at a fraction of the replacement cost. Our experts use the best car glass cleaner products for car headlight restoration. At Car Fit Experts, car headlight restoration service cost delivers great value for money.

The Importance of Clean Headlights

Headlights are extremely important for the safety of the passengers, especially during nighttime. Gradual wear and tear and exposure to various climatic conditions make them dull and affect their functionality. Clouded, scratched, oxidized or yellowed headlights reduce visibility and can cause discomfort while driving or even cause accidents. You can expect the following from our team:

  • Buffering process for crystal clear lenses
  • Up to 200% improved brightness of your aging headlights
  • Save money by avoiding replacement costs
  • Remove scratches and improve visibility
  • Highly trained professionals

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Tips for maintaining Headlights

List of DOs

  • Always replace the bulbs in pairs
  • Clean the headlight lenses regularly
  • Check the alignment of the headlights periodically
  • Monitor the brightness of the headlights while driving

List of Don'ts

  • Don't try to restore the headlights without the proper tools
  • Don't buy inappropriate bulbs for the headlights
  • Don't clean the insides of the lenses with household products
  • Don't delay the replacement of a bulb if it's broken

Reasons for Cloudy or Foggy Headlights

Headlights are made from polycarbonate plastics that are porous in nature. They let in moisture and other particles that gradually cloud or fog up the lenses. Car headlights are subject to extreme weather conditions on the road like the following:

  • Harsh UV rays
  • Bird droppings
  • Acid rain
  • Bug juice
  • Debris

Bulb Replacement

You don’t have to get the whole headlight restored; you can simply change the bulbs in case they are dead. Even though you can buy these bulbs online, you must entrust car light glass cleaner professionals for bulb replacement. We will not only change the bulbs for you, but provide cleaning solution for car headlights as well.

Signs that car headlamp restoration is required

  • Discoloration or clouded lamps
  • Decreased visibility on the road
  • Scratches on the lenses
  • Oxidized headlight glass
  • Yellowing lenses

If you notice any of these problems, you need a car headlight cleaning service or replacement at the earliest. Failing to avail the services of a car headlight glass cleaner will cause you problems while driving on the road.

The Dangers of Dirty Headlights

Like other components of the car, headlights go through adverse climatic conditions and gradually begin to show signs of wear and tear. Eventually it affects the performance of the headlights and the visibility is compromised. This can turn out to be fatal at night and must contact a professional car headlight restoration service before you start driving again.

Benefits – Car headlight Restoration

Availing cleaning solutions for car headlights is not only beneficial for the appearance of the car but the safety of the passengers on the road as well. Listed following are the advantages of timely car headlight restoration:

  • Clean and bright lights
  • Resorted scratches
  • Optimum functionality and performance
  • Improved appearance of other vehicles
  • Optimum visibility and safety
  • No need for replacement

Car Fit Experts employ trained car light glass cleaners to ensure ease and comfort while driving even in the most hazy and reduced visibility conditions.  

The Need for Experts -  Car Light Restoration and Replacement

Experts can easily evaluate the damage to the headlights and offer prompt car headlight restoration service with the use of high-quality car headlight cleaning and restoration wipes and car light restoration kit. What’s more is that before the car headlight cleaners begins the restoration work, they will explain the reasons for the reduced functionality of the headlights.

Why Choose Us

In most cases, our experts will simply provide cleaning solutions for car headlights. Only in a few irreparable cases will you be advised to get a replacement. At Car Fit Experts, we believe ‘Repair First’ philosophy to save your hard-earned money. Call us to get the best value for the car headlight restoration service cost at our service centers. We promise that after spending car headlight restoration cost, your headlights will function as good as brand new. Moreover, they will be immune to the harsh weather conditions like pollution, debris, acid rain etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of products do you these experts use ?

Our experts use only high-grade products by reputed companies like 3M. The car headlight cleaning and restoration wipes used at Car Fit Experts ensure correct headlight restoration procedures.

Can the indicators and taillights be restored as well ?

Yes, of course. All these lights are made from the same material and can be restored using the same car light restoration kits and processes. You can give us a call on +91 9555305044 any kind of headlight related queries.

I cannot visit the service center. What can I do ?

No need to worry. Give us a call on +91 9555305044 and our experts will carry a car light restoration kit and restore the headlamps at your doorstep. We understand that you cannot take time out from your busy schedule and that’s why we serve you wherever you are.

For how long will the headlights remain clean after restoration ?

This will depend on how you maintain your automobile. Usually the process lasts for a year to two. After having invested car headlight restoration cost, our experts will give you tips to take care of the headlights so that they do not fog up soon.

How much time does it take for car light restoration ?

Car light restoration takes about an hour of car headlight cleaner professionals’ time. Within this time, they clean the lens, restore the scratches, oxidization etc. Technicians at Car Fit Experts match International Standards to provide you the best value for car headlight restoration service cost.

Can I restore the headlights myself ?

The answer is yes. However, it is not advisable since you will most certainly not have the experience that a car light glass cleaner has acquired over the years. You may use car headlight cleaning and restoration wipes after taking instructions from our experts.

Does a car headlight cleaning service guarantee improved visibility ?

Definitely! Restoring the car headlight lenses improves the vision by 95%. A car headlight glass cleaner ensures that you will not have to drive around on high-beam due to decreased visibility. You must know that driving with clouded or oxidized lenses can be extremely dangerous.

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