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Wiper Blade Check and Replacement

We use the best wiper blades from leading players like Bosch. Bosch car wiper blades are graphite coated to ensure effortless and smooth wiping. Additionally, a Quick-Click adaptor is pre-mounted on the car screen wiper blades during the manufacturing process makes that installation a breeze for car owners.

The Significance of Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are crucial to keep the windshield spotless and ensure a perfect driving experience. Faulty car windshield wiper blades not only leave the windshield grimy and spotted but form stress marks and scratches as well. Quality wipers are indispensable to withstand harsh weather conditions. Car wiper blades replacement should be your top-most priority as soon as they manifest any signs of wearing out.

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Tips for a longer life of Windshield Wipers

List of DOs

  • Ensure cleaning the windshield before leaving the house
  • Check the wiper blades regularly for any signs of damage
  • Keep a look out for stress marks or scratches on the windshield
  • Make sure to fill the water tank on a regular basis

List of Don'ts

  • Don’t use hot water to clean the windshield
  • Don’t wait for both the wiper blade rubbers to wear out
  • Don’t use the wipers in case the windshield is grimy
  • Never use damaged wiper blades as they might irreparably damage the windshield

Advantages of Bosch Wipers

Bosch is the leading car wiper blades manufacturer in India. Here’s why:

Easy replacement

Car wiper replacement is a simple task and you can do it yourself. Previously, wipers were equipped with a plastic release clip; press it to release the blade from the hook. However, this plastic clip was subject to wear and tear over time. Bosch has upgraded the blades with a pre-mounted Quick-Clip adapter which lasts much longer. They are best wiper blades because they are much easier to operate. Even if you have never replaced wipers yourself before, you won’t face any difficulties in replacing them.

Durable/Long Lasting

Bosch conducts exhaustive tests on its products. The new models of Bosch car windscreen wipers offer long lasting endurance and consistent wiping. They remain as good as new after as much as 200,000 wipes.

The materials used to manufacture wipers are impervious to rusting and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, the riveted joint system renders them more stable and therefore, protects the rubber on the blade. They can take up to 96 hours of salt spraying without being affected by it.

Smooth wiping

Even brand-new car screen wiper blades by some companies fail to wipe smoothly; they skip the motion pattern and make screeching sounds. Bosch wipers, for that matter, are equipped with a rubber coating to ensure screech-free smooth wiping. Rest assured that Bosch wipers won’t be a cause for disturbance inside the cabin.


Even brand-new car screen wiper blades by some companies fail to wipe smoothly; they skip the motion pattern and make screeching sounds. Bosch wipers, for that matter, are equipped with a rubber coating to ensure screech-free smooth wiping. Rest assured that Bosch wipers won’t be a cause for disturbance inside the cabin.

Car Windshield Wiper Replacement

Experts across the automobile industry suggest that car windscreen wiper replacement must be done every 6 - 12 months depending on the condition of your Bosch car windscreen wipers and blades for the best visibility while driving. Over time, car wiper blades don’t function properly when blades fail to make proper contact with the surface of the windscreen. Even the best wiper blades make squeaking noises, create streaks or scratches on the auto glass or reduce the overall visibility after they age out.

Our experts suggest you beware of the following signs that indicate the impending wiper blade replacement and consult a wiper blade checker at our centers as soon as possible:

  • Certain areas of the windscreen remain dirty
  • Streaks on the windscreen
  • Noticeable cracks or signs of damage on the rubbers of the wiper blades
  • The blades fail to make contact with the windshield glass
  • The wipers shudder and vibrate while sweeping
  • Unprecedented squeaking noise while wiping
  • Interrupted motion due to the blades being too close to the surface of the auto glass

Car wiper replacement is important not only to protect the windscreen but the windshield wiper motor as well.

Car Windshield Wiper Blades Maintenance

Unobstructed view of the road and the surroundings is indispensable to be able to drive safely. While wiper blades in India are especially fundamental given to the harsh weather conditions like dust storms, heavy rains, snow in certain areas, most drivers tend to ignore their depleting condition till they irreparably damage the windshield. Your Bosch car windscreen wipers require maintenance on a regular basis just like the engine, interiors etc. Here are a few things that deteriorate the condition of the wiper blades:

  • India receives high amounts of sunlight through the year and the UV rays are detrimental to the wipers, especially its blades
  • Perpetual contact with mud, dust, grime, bug juice, sand and other airborne debris accumulates and hampers the functionality of the car windscreen wiper blades
  • The exhaust and car wax constitute oil that gradually depletes the quality of the rubber on the wiper blades
  • Salt content in the air mixed with humidity and acid rain have adverse effects on your Bosch car wiper blades

Every time your car is taken to the service station, you must ask the technician to evaluate the condition of the wiper blades. If you need a car wiper blade replacement, drive down to our center and ask our experts about Bosch Eco wipers to get a replacement as soon as possible.

Taking Care of the Windshield Wipers

  • Clean them regularly so that airborne particles don’t accumulate
  • Park your car under the shade whenever possible to avoid high temperatures
  • Get them checked/replaced every six months
  • Get a car windshield wiper replacement as soon as you notice signs of damage

The Importance of a Clean Windshield

A windshield should be spick and span at all times, especially while driving. During monsoons, not only does the rainwater decrease the visibility but the falling leaves and dirt accumulate that can be quite difficult for the car wiper blades to clean.

The windshield and the car screen wiper blades function together to provide a clear view of the road. We, at Car Fit Experts, believe in taking preventive measures instead of considering wiper blade replacement often. Therefore, we suggest that you take care of them on a regular basis. Faulty wipers can irreparably damage the windscreen which is a costly affair. Therefore, replace the wipers before you must spend extra money on a windshield replacement.

Our Team

The team at Car Fit Experts derives its values from the pioneers of the industry – AIS Glass. We welcome you to our conveniently located service centers for a detailed check of your car rear wiper blades as well the front blades.

Genuine Products

We only stock high-quality premium car wiper blade replacements by Bosch that last long and match international standards for your ease and comfort while driving. Rest assured that the Bosch Wipers are crafted especially for the varying Indian weather conditions.

Trained Professionals

We promise that our highly-skilled experts will give the best advice and provide value for your money. The technicians are trained to manage car windscreen wiper replacement in addition to a plethora of other specialized services. You can call us on our helpline number and our customer service executives will find a car windscreen wiper replacement appointment with our experts.

Doorstep Facility

If you find it hard to visit our service center due to your busy schedule, you can simply schedule an appointment with our doorstep facility executives who will service your automobile at your home, office or on the road. Our wiper blade checkers will assist you wherever you are and match the standards offered at the service center.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I maintain my wipers for longer periods?

Here are few steps our experts suggest:

  • Clean the windshield every day
  • Always buy Bosch car windscreen wipers and preferably hire professionals to replace them
  • Refrain from using the wipers when the windscreen is exceedingly dirty
  • Make sure that your wiper blades in India are not subject to extreme temperatures especially from April to August

  • Get your wipers checked during monsoons

Should I replace both the wiper blades even though only one of the them is malfunctioning?

The answer is yes. We recommend that the car windshield wiper blades should always be replaced in pairs. Even if one of them is faulty, the other one won’t function like a new one, thereby restricting the view in some way. Additionally, wipers are manufactured in pairs and therefore, should only be replaced in pairs.

What size wiper blade will fit my car?

You can simply Google the specifications by entering the model, make and year of your automobile. Consult Car Fit Experts for the right sized Bosch car wiper blades for your vehicle.

Can you install the wiper blades yourself?

Car wipers blade replacement has become easier with the introduction of the pre-mounted quick-clip adapter on the Bosch Eco wipers. All you have to do is remove the older blades from the wiper arm assembly and attach the new ones by following the instructions. Moreover, the connector is a spot-on match for 95% of the car models and make.

How can I extend the life of the wipers?

First and foremost, you must clean the windshield regularly. Make sure to wipe the rubber of the Bosch car windscreen wipers to remove any debris or dirt from them. If you reside in areas that receive snowfall, make sure to pull the wipers upright and away from the windshield when parked.

Why do wiper blades create streaks?

If you see streaks on the windshield after the wipers have been used, it is a sign that automobile requires wiper blade replacement. Wiper blades in India majorly cause streaks on the windshield due to prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the Sun. Additionally, tree sap, and bugs that damage the rubber at particular points result in streaking.

How do I identify that the wiper blades are worn out?

It is quite easy to identify worn-out wiper blades as the signs are quite obvious. The most common signs are dry and cracked rubber or structural damage to the wiper arm assembly. If the metal is broken or bent, it may streak, chatter or even scratch the windshield irreparably. Be it car rear wiper blades or front car screen wiper blades, you must get them replaced as soon as possible.

What causes windscreen wipers of my car to vibrate?

Gradual depletion of the windshield wiper rubber can make it vibrate. Additionally, using the wrong adapter may lead to added vibration while the wipers function. Vibrating wipers are a concern for the windshield and you must not delay replacement believing that the windscreen wipers for my car can hold out for longer.

What is skipping?

Due to defects in the wiper arm, the blades skip, hop or lift from the normal position. This is an indication that you need car wiper replacement at the earliest. Consult Car Fit Experts for the best-in-class services for car wiper blade replacement.

What is chattering?

Wipers tend to skip the movement, vibrate and follow a choppy wiping action that is known as chattering. This may be caused due to prolonged periods of non-use or exposure to superlative temperatures. If you feel that the windscreen wipers for my car are chattering, you must consult experts right away.

How do I know if the wiper blades are the right ones?

High quality Bosch car wiper blades are manufactured to complement the aerodynamic aspects of modern windshields. They can withstand high wind pressure at high speeds. Make sure that you buy Bosch wipers as they have spring tension that keep the blade at an appropriate distance from the windshield. They are equipped with multi-point suspension system that avoids smudging and streaking. Bosch Eco wipers are constructed with high-quality materials that render them durable and long-lasting.

What are the reasons for wiper blades deteriorating?

Every component of the automobile has a definitive life span and so do car rear wiper blades. Prolonged exposure to the sunlight can accelerate the deterioration process. Moreover, heavy use of the wiper blades can wear down the rubber before time. Elements like dust, grime, insects, and other abrasive materials are detrimental to the wiper blades as well. On the other hand, high temperatures can structurally weaken the wiper blades in India especially during summers. You should not think that windscreen wipers for my car will hold out against all these problems after 6 months.

What is the right time to replace wiper blades?

Ideally, you must get a car windscreen wiper replacement every 6 month. It may be extended up to a year if you take proper care of the wipers. Fortunately, you can easily determine if the blades need to be replaced.

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