Tips to extend the life of your Amaron car battery

It's no secret, the one factor that unites consumers from across the world is their belief in getting the most out of a product they consume. We have observed it across all segments and industries, so it is expected from the automobile industry.

A car is a significant investment and so, are its components. Thus, it becomes essential for an automobile owner to invest in accessories and parts that enhance the car's lifespan.

One such critical component is a car battery, a small yet essential component without which a car can't even move an inch. It serves purposes like igniting the engine, supplying a significant amount of on-demand current to power up onboard electrical appliances, lights, windows, and probably everything that operates inside your car runs on the battery. There are multiple battery brands available in the market; choosing the right one may be difficult. Amaron car battery is one of the best options considering the various parameters of performance and lifespan.

A car battery is the only source present in the car for powering all the numerous components. And, if it isn't in proper health, there is a 95% chance your car won't even be able to start or would get stranded in the middle of the road.

Average Battery Life

On average, car batteries last between 3 to 5 years, but this time-frame varies majorly on two variables, primarily driving habits and secondly the weather condition.

The former impacts car driving experience using the clutch and brake and how much distance the car covers. The weather condition determines how a battery performs under high temperatures, but the amalgamation of the engine's heat and warm weather conditions diminishes the average battery's lifespan. It is so because a running engine in hot weather generates extensive heat inside the hood, resulting in the car batteries' fluid evaporation. However, regardless of the temperature condition, your car battery's proper care can help keep it running and give it a long-lasting life. Amaron car battery is more robust and durable even under the harshest conditions.

Use a handful of these DIYs and increase the car battery life

Clean Car Battery

Periodically, inspect and clean the battery and connections to keep connections secure and free of dirt and grime. Battery terminals corrode over time; thus, scrub the terminals with a toothbrush dipped in a baking soda and water mixture. Next, use a regular clean cloth piece for drying the battery terminals; this will keep the battery tidy and extend its life. Avoid usage of electronic accessories when the engine is off Enjoying music or cool temperature can be fun but try not to do it with the engine off. Operating numerous electronic components inside the car while idling draws significant amounts of power from the battery. Doing so would
put additional pressure on the battery which will adversely affect the battery life. Try to reduce this dependency. If the battery is already low, avoid using electronics when the engine is off, as these activities can increase the risk of car straining or engine cranking.

Avoid Short Rides

The starter motor in a car takes the maximum energy to power itself. So, experts advise driving longer distances frequently as short rides may lead to insufficient charging.

If you witness strong crystalline deposits forming on the negative plates indicates the battery isn't receiving a full charge and further prevent the battery from receiving a proper charge.

Avoid short rides because it will ultimately result in declining the car battery life.

Avoid self-discharge by disconnecting the terminals

Lead-acid car batteries naturally lose charge over time, termed as self- discharge. Also, extended inactive periods deteriorate battery health. If there is a plan to keep the car idle/unused for long, it is advised to disconnect the battery terminals. This will slow the battery's discharge and save you from having to push start your car when you return. This will help in extending the car battery life.

Get the right battery

A car battery operates multiple functions for the car; thus, it is essential to get the correct battery for your vehicle to optimize its usage.

A battery should be tightly secured in its mounting location. If the battery is not securely fastened, it will shake and jostle around within the engine bay, potentially resulting in internal damage and short circuits.

To extend your car's battery life, get a battery that matches the physical fitment and the power requirements according to the electrical needs.


A car is composed of many parts working together. However, the battery is just one component that will keep the car running and ensure that all car parts are running accurately.

Today, modern cars with highly powerful engines and advanced features are maximumly covering all the roads, and thus to power them, a car owner requires a battery that will give the most out of it. Multiple car battery brands are available in the market; however, opt for an Amaron battery. Many experts go for Amaron batteries because they require zero maintenance and contain a patented SilvenX Alloy that makes them last long, really long.

But to extend your batteries' life, above mentioned were few essential tips you can opt to get the maximum out of your battery life. However, if you are witnessing any issue with your car batteries, call Car Fit Experts. They offer a wide range of batteries with on-call assistance and online availability, which will fit your budget and fill all your needs just at your doorstep.