Choosing the Perfect Power: Exide vs. Amaron for Tata Tiago Petrol

With so many options, picking the perfect battery to start your Tata Tiago petrol every time isn’t always easy. When it comes to replacing the factory battery, two of the top contenders are Exide and Amaron. Both are big names in India’s battery market, known for making batteries that deliver years of reliable performance. But each brand has its strengths. So, let’s compare Exide vs Amaron specifically for powering a Tiago petrol model to help figure out the best choice.

The first thing to check is whether the battery has the correct capacity and specs for your car’s engine and electrical system. You need a 12V battery with 32Ah capacity and 330 cold cranking amps (CCA) to properly fit the Tiago petrol and give it a strong starting ability. The good news is that Exide and Amaron make models designed specifically for Tata cars’ original factory specs. The Exide Excel SMF 32Ah and Amaron Long Life XTA+ 32Ah perfectly match the sizing and power output needed for the Tiago battery.

Next, let’s look under the hood – how do they build these things? Exide car batteries use top-quality lead-calcium alloy grids to handle high under-hood temps, plus their hardened HFS tech makes the plates vibration-resistant. Amaron batteries also have heavy-duty lead-calcium grids along with reinforced alloys, so both are built to be durable on rough Indian roads. The electrolyte filling is sealed AGM style in both brands too. When it comes to construction and longevity, Exide and Amaron come out equal. Owners report 3-5 years of service life from either before needing replacement.

Performance and reliability are the most important – you need strong cranking power to start your engine and steady voltage output when running cabin electronics and accessories. Both brands, again, are evenly matched. Their deep cycle design allows the battery to recharge quickly, which is useful if you drive mostly short trips with lots of stop-and-go. And cold weather starting ability is excellent thanks to high CCA ratings. You can’t go wrong performance-wise with either brand in a Tiago petrol. You can also go for Amaron battery replacement in case there is an issue.

Now for the fine print – Exide car battery provides a 3-year free replacement warranty, while Amaron batteries get you an extra 3 months at 39 months of included coverage. That slightly longer warranty is nice peace of mind from Amaron against early failure from factory flaws. Both warranties help avoid being stuck footing the bill for a prematurely dead battery.

On the always important pricing front, both brands retail between ₹4000 – ₹5000 for the Tiago-specific models. Exide may be just a bit cheaper, but we’re talking about a ₹500 difference at most. For the reliability you get, both offer good value. And being leading national brands, Exide and Amaron batteries are readily available at most parts shops or online.

So when your Tiago petrol’s OEM battery reaches the end of its life, either of these major brands makes an excellent replacement choice. Amaron’s longer included warranty gives them a slight edge. But Exide car batteries have proven themselves for decades – you can’t make a bad call between the two as long as you get the proper specs. 

The Bottom Line

With the right fit and an Exide or Amaron battery under the hood, your Tiago will keep starting smoothly for years to come. If your car battery is dying, get back on the road fast with an Amaron battery replacement by experts. AIS Carfit Experts provide premium quality batteries and excellent service across India to keep you moving. Contact AIS Carfit Experts today!