Best Battery to Buy for Ertiga Car

Choosing the right battery for your Ertiga helps ensure a reliable start and smooth electrical operation. When it’s time to replace your existing battery, investing in a quality brand pays dividends. Two excellent options to consider for the Ertiga VDI are Exide and Amaron batteries.

Exide Batteries

When choosing car batteries in India, Exide is a name you can trust. For decades drivers have depended on Exide to make batteries that hold up through all the tough conditions on Indian roads. Exide focuses on making their batteries durable enough to handle freezing cold winters up north and blistering hot summers down south without missing a beat on starting your engine.

The Exide Excel MF AMARON batteries provide excellent starting power and steady power delivery to support the electrical components. Even in hot climates, they utilize calcium alloy grids and specially formulated electrolytes for enhanced performance and longevity. These batteries are designed and sized to perfectly fit the battery tray in the Ertiga VDI as an original equipment replacement.

Key benefits of choosing an Exide as your Ertiga car battery include:

  • Reliable starting in both hot and cold weather
  • Steady power flow to support electronics 
  • Long service life – up to 5 years
  • Resistance to vibrations from rough roads
  • Fast recharging for stop-and-go driving
  • High-quality materials and components
  • OE-matched fit and specifications

These Exide batteries offer the peace of mind that your Ertiga’s starting and electrical system will be well supported for years.

Amaron Batteries

Amaron is another very reputable Indian battery brand known for its extensive research and testing. Amaron offers the Amaron Long Life batteries as an excellent choice for the Ertiga car battery. These batteries utilize Max Power Visco Mat separators and Min Max technology to deliver very high starting power when you turn the ignition.

The Amaron Long Life batteries are engineered to have low discharge rates for maximum battery life. Even after repeated engine starts, their reserve capacity prevents voltage drop, keeping your Ertiga’s electronics protected. The Robust Dynamic Charge Acceptance helps them quickly recharge between short trips.

Key reasons to choose an Amaron Long Life Battery for your Ertiga VDI:

  • Exceptional starting power in any weather 
  • Low discharge rates for battery longevity
  • Minimises voltage drop during heavy electrical loads
  • Quick recharging capacity 
  • Flooded lead-acid technology 
  • Long 3-5 year service life

With their deep-cycle design focused on power stability, Amaron Long Life batteries provide reliable performance throughout their extended lifespan. Moreover, you must be very careful when picking the car battery replacement option.

Where to Buy Online

Both Exide and Amaron batteries are available for purchase online from battery retailers, making it convenient to have a new battery delivered straight to your doorstep. Here are some benefits of ordering your replacement Ertiga car battery online:

  • No need to visit a shop in person 
  • Delivered directly to your location
  • Available at competitive online pricing
  • Options to choose the exact battery for your car
  • Safe and trackable shipping 
  • Easy returns if needed

Online battery purchase allows you to conveniently equip your Ertiga with a high-quality new battery from trusted brands like Exide and Amaron. Investing in the right battery ensures your Ertiga VDI keeps running smoothly for years.

Therefore, the Exide Excel MF and Amaron Long Life batteries are great choices for the reliable performance expected from Maruti Suzuki cars. Choosing AIS Carfit Experts would be a smart option if you’re looking for car battery replacement.