5 Prime Reasons to Pick Exide Battery for Your Car

Ask yourself, when was the last time you witnessed or experienced a battery failure? If you’ve owned a car for quite some time now, you must be familiar with battery issues.

The gist of a car lies in its battery. It starts the car, ignites the engine, regulates the inner mechanisms, and supports all the electric systems of a car. Simply put, your car cannot even start without a battery, let alone function properly. Despite knowing this fact, we rarely pay attention while buying a car battery and lament when the battery unexpectedly coughs up and dies; the scenario is much worse if the breakdown takes place in a stranded location with no help in sight. You can prevent sudden battery failure and enjoy high performance if you choose a reliable car battery provider like Exide. Why should you choose Exide? Well, here we bring you 5 reasons why you should go ahead with an Exide battery for your car.

Car Battery Replacement at Your Doorstep

Globally Renowned Brand Reliability

Exide is the largest manufacturer of lead-acid car batteries in India. It has more than seventy years’ worth of experience in producing car batteries with High Load Endurance (HLE) capabilities that perform successfully even in extreme temperatures. It has seven industrial plants that produce automotive batteries all across India.

Exide isn’t just restricted to domestic sales. It has been able to create a global brand name as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with export facilities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. A diversified consumer-base enables Exide to satisfy automobile users by providing them with the best car batteries for their individual needs.

Premium Make and High Performance

Exide offers specialised batteries that serve a huge range of vehicles and brands. Be it an SUV, sedan, or a hatchback, Exide has a battery that will meet the needs specific to the vehicle. It also offers different categories of batteries for various kinds of vehicles, namely, Exide Epiq, Matrix, Mileage, Eezy, Gold, Xpress, Cabby, etc.

Exide batteries are maintenance-free. These batteries are known as Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. They’re nothing different than a traditional car battery but their electrolyte is immobilised in order to recombine hydrogen and oxygen.

Saving the science lesson for some other day, a VRLA battery is produced in such a way that its fluid is trapped inside for its lifetime, which means that VRLA batteries don’t need regular top-ups of distilled water. However, you should always top-up your battery every six to seven months to get excellent value from it.

VRLA batteries have a status eye and an indicator that shows their condition. You can assess the status eye’s charge or the indicator’s colour to check if the battery needs additional charging. The indicator changes its colour if the battery begins to loose charge. Contact your battery dealer or Exide’s customer support to get your battery charged again.


Exide car batteries come with secure warranty options so that you can be assured of its quality. Warranty duration differs among battery types. For instance, the VRLA battery offers a warranty of 48 months. Some batteries also come with replacement options, provided the battery doesn’t fulfil its functions.

Most of the time, the stipulated warranty duration is divided into period slabs. The discount on a warranty is calculated with the help of these periods. This means that you can avail discounts on battery repair and replacement during the warranty period.

Exide’s warranty and replacement procedures are simple. You can either contact customer service or the distributor to get your battery checked and replaced. It usually takes two to three days for a complete check-up of the battery’s condition, on the basis of which the warranty on replacement is provided. Manufacturers that do not provide proper warranty cannot be trusted.

Unmatched Service and Customer Support

Exide’s impeccable customer support has always been its set-apart factor. The brand has an option of doorstep delivery of your preferred battery. Exide car batteries come with free installation service aided by professionals.

But what if your car breaks down while you’re on the go? Exide has a solution for this as well. Instead of brainstorming and damaging your car trying to fix it without prior knowledge, you can simply request for Exide’s doorstep service on their toll-free number – 1800-103-5454. After the call gets connected to Exide, an expert who is closest to the location will be assigned with the task of providing you immediate assistance wherever you are.

Exide’s door-to-door service is currently available in ninety locations in India. You can avail of this service even if you aren’t an Exide battery user.

Online Purchase Facility

Exide has always been known to keep its customers as their topmost priority and their online purchase facility has yet again, proven this to be true. You can easily purchase an Exide battery online using their web purchase portal. If you’re lazy and want everything from the comfort of your home, you can contact Exide’s online purchase portal. You can select from a variety of options such as car type (SUV, Sedan, MUV, etc.), model and fuel type to know the battery that best suits your car. Furthermore, it lets you compare battery types with respect to their warranty, built, etc.

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