5 Signs That Your Car Battery Is Failing

If you notice these signs – Beware! Your battery is giving you warning of its imminent failure.

There is no doubt about it; a battery is indeed the powerhouse of a vehicle. The ability of a vehicle to run smoothly is dependent directly on the functionality of its battery. Even a smidge of fault in the battery can cause difficulty in starting the engine. If your battery fails to work, nothing inside your vehicle will.

Moreover, a dying battery can be a menace during long commutes. There’s nothing worse than being stranded far away from home and no one around to help. It is a waste of time and money that can be avoided with easy yet useful precautionary steps.

Following are the 5 tell-tale signs that your battery is failing.

Difficulty in Starting the Engine

A slow-cranking engine is a massive red flag. Notice the sound made by your vehicle’s engine and the time it takes to start. Any delay in engine’s cranking is a direct sign of battery malfunction. Normally, when you turn the ignition key, the battery sends electrical currents towards the engine to start it. The process happens in an instant. But if the engine ignition is taking longer than usual, it indicates a battery failure.

A Foul Smell

If you smell something pungent when you open your car’s hood, it’s a sign that your battery is leaking. That pungent or rotten-egg smell is the odour of sulphur. When batteries suffer a leakage, their terminals get corroded. Due to this, a white gunk forms near the positive and negative metal connectors. The gunk must be removed immediately or else even your car may break down.

The Life of Battery

Average battery life ranges from 3-5 years. For most batteries, the 3-year mark is a sure sign of weakening. After that, only proper care and regular inspections can help prolong their lives. It is, therefore, no surprise that your battery’s age can assist you in determining how much time is left before it starts failing you and your vehicle.

Frequency of Jump Starts

Are you jumpstarting your new car battery more frequently? It could be dying. It is common for old batteries to require a jumpstart every now and then. However, with new batteries, the case is different since they can hold a charge for longer. The new battery may be wearing off prematurely if it requires you to perform a jump start more frequently. In that case, your battery is indicating a need for replacement.

Battery Light Remains On

In a car, a battery starts the engine and an alternator recharges the battery to keep it running. Now, it is common for a battery light to come on as you start the engine and then go out. But, if the battery light comes on while you’re driving, it is a clear sign that your charging system is not working properly. Usually, this is a fault of a failing alternator which can put a strain on the battery.

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