Can You Recharge a Completely Dead Car Battery?

Several people face the issue of a car not starting because of a dead battery. Some measures are available to recharge the battery and make your car start again. But can you recharge a completely dead car battery? The phrase “completely dead” makes it difficult to answer this question in one word. Jump into this article to discover the answer.

What Is Meant By a Dead Car Battery?

IA dead car battery refers to the car battery being discharged. It means that the voltage of your car battery has reached below a functional amount. Car batteries usually run for 12 or more volts. If the battery goes beyond that level, it will mean that your battery is dead.

Is It Possible to Revive a Completely Dead Car Battery?

If your battery shows low voltage, the alternator of your vehicle might help in recharging it. If you have a dead car battery, jump-starting might be the only option available. Otherwise, you will have to opt for replacing the battery of your vehicle.

How Does the Alternator Charge the Battery?

In case you need to fix a car battery with a low amount, driving around will help. When you take your car out for a ride, the alternator will charge the battery on the road. If you want your battery to get charged from the alternator, avoid using features like radio, air conditioning, or any other feature that demands battery consumption.
With your car in motion for around half an hour, the voltage of your battery is likely to go up. But if it still does not fix the issue, you will have to jump-start your vehicle.

Why Should You Jump Start a Car?

If the voltage of your car battery goes far lower than the functional amount, jump starting is the only effective option left. Jump starting involves the use of another car and jumper cables. The jumper cables are attached to the battery of another car with the battery of your car and a piece of metal below the hood.
As the second car runs, it will transfer power from its alternator to your car’s battery. After a few minutes, the battery of your car will have enough voltage to operate again.

Remember to seek help from professionals to jump-start your car.

Is It Possible to Jump Start All Dead Batteries?

In case the battery of your car has discharged too low, it won’t be able to jump-start. If jumping your vehicle does not make it start, your car is probably suffering from sulfation.
As the battery of your car discharges, small sulphate crystals start forming on the battery plates. It is natural during the discharge process and reverses when the battery is charged again.
But, leaving the battery discharged for too long will harden and stabilise the soft deposits. As a result, the electric current flow in the battery will be hampered. Eventually, the battery will stop working.
A car battery usually starts deteriorating within a month of sitting idle. It gets damaged even faster due to parasitic drains or exposure to too much heat. If the battery voltage becomes too low, replacing it is the only feasible option.

To Conclude

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