5 Things that Can Drain Your Amaron Car Battery

In India, one in three cars on the road runs on an Amaron battery. This indicates just how popular Amaron is among Indian drivers. The performance and reliability of an Amaron battery are undisputed. But believe it or not, certain things can cause even Amaron batteries to drain unnecessarily. To make the most out of your Amaron battery and to extend its usable life, check for the following conditions that may cause your Amaron battery to drain excessively.

Forgetting to Turn the Lights Off

No matter how careful you think you are, you will admit that at some point, you forgot to turn off the headlights or interior lights of your car. Maybe it was a long day at work, and when you came back home, you were too tired and didn’t remember to turn them off. But because your car’s battery was draining throughout the night, your engine might not start the next morning. Many latest cars have mechanisms in place to alert you or automatically turn the headlights off after a certain amount of time. But if your vehicle is older, you must be more careful. Other than leaving the headlights on, the most common oversight on the driver’s part includes leaving the cabin lights on or not closing the trunk all the way.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme hot or cold temperatures can lead to the formation of lead sulphate crystals within the battery of your car. Prolonged exposure to such weather conditions can adversely affect the performance of your car battery. Formation of lead sulphate crystals makes it harder for the battery to recharge. The time taken by the battery to recharge can increase drastically, especially if you only drive short distances. If left unchecked, the lead sulphate buildup can cause irreparable damage to your car battery. A newer Amaron battery might be able to hold its own against such harsh weather conditions, but older batteries will definitely be affected. They may even die completely!

Parasitic Drains

Certain utilities such as the clock, the radio, and the security alarm system, continue to draw power, even when the engine is turned off. This is known as a parasitic drain or a parasitic draw. It must be understood that some level of parasitic drain is not abnormal; however, other electrical faults or oversight on the driver’s part may cause the parasitic drain to exceed the normal level and deplete the battery of your car. These faults include bad wiring and fuses, interior lights, and door lights, etc.

When the engine is running, the alternator recharges the battery, and you don’t have to worry about it dying while you’re blasting the AC or jamming to your favourite song on the way to work. However, when the engine is turned off, the alternator can no longer charge the battery. And if during this time, the battery goes on draining unnecessarily, it may lose all its charge. That is why drivers must be careful about excessive parasitic drains.

Loose or Corroded Cables

The power from your Amaron battery is transmitted to the engine via battery cables. Similarly, the alternator also uses these battery cables to recharge the battery. Over time, the connection between the cables and the positive and negative terminals of the battery can jostle loose. Or these connections may corrode or accumulate dust and dirt. In such cases, not only will the alternator be unable to top off the battery, but you may even have difficulty starting the engine. This happens because the current cannot flow effectively. If the problem persists, it may damage your battery as well as other electrical components of your car. Therefore, you must have your car battery, and electrical systems checked for signs of corrosion, dirt, and loose connections.

Frequent Short Trips

Starting the engine takes up a tremendous amount of power from the battery. If you always cut the engine off before the battery can regain the amount of power lost, your battery will wear out prematurely. The longer you drive, the more time there is for the alternator to recharge the battery. If you only drive a short distance to work and back, or you go out to the nearby market once a week, your battery will never be able to charge sufficiently. In the long run, this will cut its life short.

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