Car Battery Draining Overnight: 5 Reasons and How to Fix It

When you have to rush somewhere in the morning, it’s really annoying to get stuck in a car that refuses to start. Your vehicle might not start due to damage in any of its parts. But one typical reason behind this trouble is a car battery draining overnight. Your car battery can lose charge for a variety of reasons. But let us explore the top five obvious reasons and how you can fix them.

1. Parasitic Drain: What Is It?

A parasitic drain involves your car battery getting discharged even with the engine turned off. Parasitic drain is often a major reason behind complete battery failure.
Once you turn off the engine of your car, the battery will power certain components like the clock and anti-theft feature. Parasitic drain involves your battery powering components that are not supposed to run after the engine is turned off.
Leaving on the headlights or any other light in your car overnight can cause parasitic drainage. Improper battery installation, faulty fuses, and improper wiring can also cause parasitic drains. The easiest way to fix the parasitic drain is by checking for it after disconnecting the battery cable and inspecting the current flow.

2. Forgetting to Turn Off the Car Properly

If you frequently fail to turn off your car properly, its battery life will become shorter. For instance, you might forget to close the doors or trunk of your car the right way.
You can avoid the issue of battery drainage overnight by checking whether everything in your car is switched off and locked up properly.

3. Age: Why Is It Important?

If you have been postponing car battery replacement for a long time, overnight draining will become an issue. Like your cell phone battery, car batteries also start becoming less functional with time.
The easiest way to fix overnight draining due to age is to contact a car battery dealer. Usually, you will need to replace the battery of your vehicle after three to five years.

4. Loose Cables

The positive and negative terminals of the car are places where cables are attached. Before performing any maintenance work on your vehicle, you need to remove the cables for the purpose of safety. Always remember to reconnect the cables the right way.
If the cables are loose, the battery will discharge easily. The signs of loose cables include issues with starting the car, flickering headlights, and a hot ground wire cable.
It is only possible to resolve this issue by tightening the cables and properly re-installing them. But remember that it’s risky, and you might not know the right way to reconnect the cables. In that case, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

5. Frequent Short Trips: How Do They Affect Battery Life?

Every time you start the engine of your vehicle, the battery supplies power to it. While your car is on the road, the alternator recharges your car battery to compensate for the power lost to start it. But if you are taking short trips, you don’t give sufficient time to the alternator to recharge the battery.
But you can easily avoid this issue of draining your battery by not taking out your car for a short trip.

Wrapping up

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