Car Battery Care Tips During Coronavirus Lockdown

With the pandemic-induced lockdown, a temporary stop has been put on our mobility. Cars remain parked in their places as the dust settles on them. And it must be noted that if cars remain idle for the duration of lockdown, they may experience malfunctioning. Most importantly, it is the battery inside your car that needs immediate attention. As you wait for the lockdown to be over and maintain a social distance, it is also essential that you upkeep your car battery’s health.

As you know, machines behave in a simple manner – if left unused, they start to lose efficiency. Car batteries have a similar nature. If the car is not driven for an extended period, its battery will discharge on its own accord.

Here are some car battery care tips that can assist you during the lockdown.

Disconnect the Battery

If left unused for a long time, the battery starts to lose its charge and subsequently, its power. While still connected to the car, on-board electrical components tend to take power from the battery, causing it to drain within a few weeks. To prevent this, you can disconnect the battery from your car. Simply remove the cable from the negative port and ensure it’s secured with a cover and not touching the ground. More importantly, ensure that the positive and negative cable ends are at a distance from each other.

Do Weekly Checks

If your car is left unused for a long period, it will start to discharge on its own. So, when you take it out for a ride, after the lockdown is over, the battery will probably die out. To avoid this, all you need to do is perform weekly checks. Turn on the ignition key to start the engine and let it run for about 10 minutes. During this time, you should turn on the AC and other features in the car that require battery support. This will help you ascertain if the battery is working properly.

Clean the Battery

You might be unaware to the fact that if dirt settles on the battery casing, it will aggravate its drainage. Charges can flow through the settled dust or grime, and in some cases, it can also lead to a short circuit of the battery and cause its death. Since you’re unable to use the car during the lockdown, the possibility of such drainage or battery death is far greater. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the battery clean as the cars remain idle.

Insulate the Battery

Scorching summer heat is at our doorsteps and seeping into our cars as well. If your car is left without covers, your battery might be suffering right now. When car batteries are subjected to extreme temperatures, their cell walls are impacted badly. As a result, the lifespan of the car battery gets reduced significantly. By covering the battery using an insulation wrap, this impact can be mitigated. This measure can also help in prolonging the battery’s life and save you money in the long run.

In Summation

A car battery, when left idle for long, can become inefficient. If you want your car to be ready for the road once the lockdown is over, you must perform the aforementioned battery care tips. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to maintain your car battery.

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