How to Care for Your Car during Coronavirus

Undoubtedly, we are living in unprecedented times. With the whole world being taken over by the novel coronavirus, life, as we had known it so far has changed tremendously. With civilian movement being restricted, our vehicles are sitting idle.

But, as much as you may miss family road trips and weekend getaways in your mechanical ladylove, the problem is graver still – Vehicles left idle for prolonged periods can develop some very serious problems, such as battery discharge, deterioration of tyres, moisture build-up, and so on.

To take care of your car during this pandemic, given below are some easy tips. Alongside implementing these tips, make sure to wear face masks, gloves and don’t forget to sanitise your hands and your vehicle.

Tip #1 Park Your Car at the Right Spot

If your car is not parked in a safe spot, then a significant amount of vehicle damage can occur. Parking on a soft, permeable surface like grass or dirt can cause moisture to seep into your car’s undercarriage and cause corrosion. Parking your vehicle outside may also expose its battery to extreme heat or cold, which could ultimately thwart its functioning. This is why it is best to park your vehicle in a garage or basement to ensure maximum protection.

Tip #2 Take Care of the Tyres

Extended periods of vehicle disuse can affect its tyre health. Prolonged inactivity can cause your vehicle to lose tyre pressure, and over time this could lead to a flat tyre. An excellent way to keep your car’s tyre in good shape and the tyre pressure steady is make short drives every week. If possible, you can also reposition your vehicle to prevent tyre damage. Vehicle movement, even for a short distance greatly helps in maintaining tyre health.

Tip #3 Keep Your Car Battery in Check

As movement is still restricted outside and staying indoors is being encouraged, our vehicles are not being used as they used to be. A car battery, whether it is a high-performance car battery or a subpar battery, has a high chance of getting discharged in such scenarios. This is why it is necessary to turn the ignition and check the battery at least once every couple of days to keep it from discharging. To do this, start your car and let the engine run for ten to fifteen minutes for you to run all checks. This will give the battery time to maintain its charge. You can also turn the AC and other electrical accessories that run on your car battery to check if everything is fine.

If you are not using your car, it is also a good idea to disconnect the battery terminals or the battery wires to reduce the discharge rate. Remember to also keep a check on the battery indicator to monitor the state of your battery’s health.

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