5 Ways How a Quality Car Battery Can Save Your Money

Car owners spend thousands on the maintenance of their vehicle throughout its life. Sometimes, the expensive price tag of a particular car part may dishearten you, and prompt you to buy a cheaper or generic version. However, this can be especially harmful in case of a car battery.

Good-quality car batteries can appear expensive at first. However, their longevity and efficiency make them a more profitable choice in the long run. Here are a few reasons why investing in a good-quality battery is a financially sensible decision.

Benefits of a quality car battery


Car batteries from excellent manufacturers like Amaron and Exide last three to five years after car battery installation. However, low-quality car batteries from generic battery manufacturers can sometimes fail within a few months of their installation. Even if you saved money initially while buying a battery, its low quality would result in frequent car battery replacements, all of which will add up to be expensive.

Advanced Quality

In a high-quality battery, all minute features are repeatedly tested for quality before packaging. These batteries also contain the latest advanced lithium technologies and perform adequately irrespective of the season. As a result of their advanced features and excellent quality, you do not need to waste time and money on repeated battery checks and jumpstarts. Low-quality batteries, however, almost always contain cheap material and inefficient features.


Car batteries usually come with a pro-rated and a free replacement warranty. These warranties become your saviour if your battery dies prematurely. Good-quality batteries always have long free replacement and pro-rated warranty periods. Moreover, claiming this warranty is also hassle-free because renowned manufacturers maintain a wide network of service centres. Poor-quality batteries, however, come with no warranty or a very short warranty period. As a result, in case of premature battery failure, you end up spending on new car battery installation just because the manufacturer provided no warranty on the product.

Adequate Support to the Car

Modern cars come with a range of advanced electrical and drivability features that require powerful batteries to support them. At all times, your car’s battery must supply enough electrical power to the engine, electrical systems, and other advanced features. Low-quality batteries do that initially, but soon fail to supply the desired amount of power to the car. Such inadequacy in performance also ends up hurting other car parts that rely heavily on the cell, and to repair these, you end up spending unnecessarily.

Good-quality car batteries, on the other hand, supply enough amount of power to all parts of your car throughout their life and aid the functioning of all of your vehicle’s driver-assistance features.

Less Maintenance

Unless your car operates on a maintenance-free battery, you will have to refill the automotive battery, grease its terminals, and clean it regularly. However, low-quality batteries require excessive maintenance, frequent refills and greasing. They may be cheap to buy but are certainly not inexpensive to maintain. Even after you spend on their maintenance, they do not function optimally.

Good-quality batteries rarely develop corrosion, do not swell quickly, and show no leakage of electrolyte even after being in service for several years.

Purchasing a high-quality battery might be a little harsh on your pocket, but ends up being a cost-efficient decision in the long run. So, the next time you buy a new battery, always purchase one from brands like Amaron and Exide. Make sure you also choose an excellent car battery service provider like Car Fit Experts to replace your old battery with a new one. You can shop for high-quality car batteries online or give us a call at +91 9555305044 for a doorstep battery check and replacement.

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