Reasons Why Car Batteries Are Dying Too Fast

Car battery drainage has been a prevalent problem for years but car batteries these days are going dead far too quickly. Regular replacement, unnecessary expenditures and wastage of time are only some of the problems that accompany a dead car battery. While the common issue revolves around subpar or poor quality batteries, even the highly-rated car batteries are dying due to unsuspecting issues. When a car battery dies, many people may consider it to be a one-time instance. They get a replacement and go about their day. However, recurring problems of dying batteries can put a dent on your income as well as waste your valuable time as your trips to the car repair shop start getting more frequent.

The average life expectancy of a car battery is 3 to 5 years but it is not uncommon to find today’s car owners complaining of pre-mature battery death. Though car batteries do die due to a number of out-of-control external factors such as rapid and frequent alterations in temperature, more often than not, the reason behind their premature death has been found to be human negligence. We know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to take time out of your busy schedule to fix your car battery. So, to help people combat the issue of dying car batteries and increase their shelf life, we have talked about some of the most common reasons that result in a premature battery death.

Importance of Maintaining a Car Battery

An essential component of every vehicle, a car battery is responsible for numerous operations, from engine ignition to powering up the car’s electronic components. It essentially powers your entire vehicle and a dead battery results in a dead car too. Not realising the significance of a battery in a car, people do the bare minimum to maintain their car batteries and expect it to be in top shape all year round. However, negligence of a car battery can reduce its life expectancy and start giving problems within a few months.

Just like every other machinery, car batteries too face regular wear-and-tear and need to be well-serviced and maintained carefully to make sure that they work effortlessly for a seamless driving experience. Since several factors can cause a battery to give out, participating in periodic battery checks can serve as a great way to stay updated about the state of your car’s battery. It also provides the user with sufficient time to tend to a spoilt battery and get it replaced beforehand instead of waiting until the eleventh hour and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a dead battery.

Reasons for Quick Death of Car Batteries

Now that we know the importance of maintaining a car battery, understanding some of the top reasons that cause a battery to die prematurely can help you take better care of your car. Identifying the problematic reasons and implementing certain precautionary measures into your maintenance routine can help increase the shelf life of your car’s battery. Read on to find out which of these common blunders you are making and how you can fix them –

Leaving the Lights On

The headlights and dome lights of your car are powered by your car’s battery. Several people make the mistake of forgetting to turn the lights off and keeping them on overnight causing the car battery to die overnight. Even though you may remember to switch off the headlights, the small dome lights are equally important to switch off as leaving them on can drain the car battery dramatically leaving you in a sour mood the next morning when your car won’t start.

Short Drives

When you turn on the ignition, the car battery bears the maximum load to power your car. As you drive, the car battery starts to cool down and recharges itself. However, using the car for short distances does not provide the alternator with sufficient time to recharge itself. Although one short car ride does not result in a dead car battery, taking excessive short drives can put a significant load on your car battery and render it dead within a few months of installation.

Improper Battery Cables

While doing your regular maintenance check, look at your car battery for any signs of corrosion. A corroded battery connection prevents the charging system from topping off your battery. This causes sudden battery death. So, always make sure there is no dirt or debris on the car battery by cleaning it with a soft cloth or a wet toothbrush to scrape off the grease and debris. Loose battery cables too are one of the leading causes of a failed battery. Since the alternator is responsible for a bunch of functions such as charging radio, clock, lights etc., it’s advisable to have it diagnosed by a mechanic.

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