Tips to Find a Reliable Car Battery Replacement and Installation Provider

Automotive batteries are the life of your car. They are responsible for revving up your engine, powering driver-assistance features like rear cameras, activating windshield wipers and lighting your car’s interiors. Unfortunately, car batteries have a limited lifespan and require replacement once they are dead.

With a faulty car battery, your car stops functioning entirely. To avoid being stuck with a dead car, you must always monitor its battery.

Signs of an Automotive Battery’s Imminent Death

After about 3-5 years, you will have to replace a new car battery. However, knowing exactly the time of car battery replacement is easier if you pay attention to the following telltale signs of battery failure –

Dim or Flickering Headlights

If you notice the flickering of your headlights or rear lights while revving up the car’s engine, your car’s battery might be weak. Since car batteries power up all the electrical components of your vehicle, dim or flickering headlights often directly indicate the need for a car battery replacement.

Slow-Cranking Engine

During start-up, the car battery sends the required electrical power to start your car’s engine. If there is any fault with the car’s battery, the engine will crank up slowly or make unusual sounds.

Visible Damage

Corrosion or sulphation at the battery terminals is quite common. However, increased corrosion can affect the performance of your automotive battery. Sulphation at the terminals is a result of lead deposits, while corrosion occurs due to improper greasing.

Sometimes, you might also notice a swollen battery case. Usually, alterations in temperature brought about by frequent discharge of the car battery are responsible for battery swelling. Regular discharge or swollen battery case is a critical sign of battery damage and often warrants car battery replacement.

Is it Time for a Replacement Yet?

Some of the signs mentioned above can occur even if there is no fault with your vehicle’s battery. Defects in the electrical system or alternator failure can also cause your car’s electrical systems to malfunction.

Never rely purely on observation to replace your car’s battery. Heading to a car battery installation and check expert is necessary to be sure that your automotive cell has to be replaced. Most professionals will use multi-meters or other equipment to judge the health of your car battery.

Features to Seek in a Car Battery Replacement Provider

If you have a dead car battery, you might be tempted to visit your local mechanic to get it replaced with a new one. However, being ignorant of the quality of replacement can harm your car later. Some critical features that you should look for in your car battery installation expert are as follows –

Widely Available

Imagine you have travelled outside the city and are on a road trip when your car’s battery suddenly fails. In such cases, you would want easy access to a car battery replacement provider. Always choose replacement companies that maintain a presence across multiple cities. A nation-wide presence should be preferred over strictly local offices.

Doorstep Services

Car batteries do not announce their death beforehand. You might be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery someday. In such a case, calling a towing company to get your car to the nearest mechanic is a hassle. Moreover, you might not be able to drive to your car battery replacement provider’s office. Choosing a company that offers doorstep battery check and replacement services will save you time and fuel.

Safe Replacement

Strict international regulations dictate the safety standards that must be followed during a car battery installation service. Any replacement provider that does not comply with the recommended safety standards while performing battery replacement is a serious threat to both your car and themselves. If you do not want risks, you should always choose a company that follows all safety standards and uses protective gear for their professionals.

Customer Care

After a battery replacement service, you might require post-installation care instructions or have questions about your new car battery. In such cases, having a replacement service provider who is readily available on phone, email and over chat is incredibly convenient. Find a car battery replacement professional that is prompt, both in replacement and in customer service to avoid future hassles.

Product Quality

Many battery replacement companies offer you cheap car battery replacement services because the cell they use for your vehicle is generic, fake or old. Having a low-quality battery in your car can damage it permanently and prove to be expensive with all the added repairs. You must always go for battery replacement companies that provide branded automotive batteries and high-class services.

At  Car Fit Experts, we use high-quality Amaron and Exide batteries for your car. Our experts are trained with top-of-the-line equipment and observe all the recommended safety standards. We offer doorstep battery check and replacement services and will provide you with all-time-available customer service through phone and email support. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!


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