Don’t Forget These 5 Points While Buying Exide Car Battery

A car battery is an indispensable component of a car. Responsible for powering the engine and practically every other electrical part, a well-functioning car battery brings the vehicle to life, and its absence can render the car dead. Although a car battery supplies power and energy to the vehicle, it is typically a piece of machinery. And just like every other machinery, car batteries too go through regular wear-and-tear. A standard car battery has an average life expectancy of 3 to 5 years and requires proper care and maintenance to power the car and keep all operations running smoothly. Failure to do so can considerably reduce the shelf life of the car battery.

Yet, once its lifecycle is over, car batteries will inevitably die out. And when they do, you must always go for the high-performance car batteries in the market. One of the leading contenders in the car battery industry that offers unbeatable service and a smooth driving experience is Exide. However, before buying an Exide battery, there are certain things that you must remember to ensure that you purchase the right one –

Identify Your Car Battery Needs

The power and size of a car battery depend on the make and model of the car. Commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses require tougher car batteries that can withstand the fluctuating weather, uneven topography and heated under-bonnet conditions. But when it comes to hatchbacks, your car battery needs may change completely. Hatchbacks are compact cars and require small batteries to help the car operate smoothly. Since Exide is one of the leading car battery manufacturers in India, it possesses an extensive range of car batteries that match the exact requirements of every vehicle – be it a compact hatchback, a spacious SUV or a heavy, commercial vehicle.

Figuring out which car battery is the right one for you can be challenging. And so, at AIS Car Fit Experts, we offer an online battery finder to help you determine the right battery for your car. As official partners of Exide, we even carry a wide variety of Exide batteries such as the Exide Mileage, Exide Champion, Exide Little Champ, Exide Advanz, Exide Gold, Exide FML0, and Exide Cabby to guarantee a smooth driving experience.

Determine Your Price Range

Possessing a legacy of over 100 years, Exide wears the crown as the market leader in the car battery manufacturing industry. So, when purchasing a car battery from Exide, you can always find something that meets your price range. However, the best part about Exide is that most of their batteries are always priced reasonably allowing you to splurge on top-end batteries without burning a hole in your pocket. At AIS Car Fit Experts, we offer up to 20% off on Exide batteries along with the added benefit of free doorstep service for your battery replacement.

Understanding the Amount of Power Required

As we saw before, different types of vehicles require different sizes of batteries. However, a constant determining factor for choosing a car battery is the power that a battery possesses. High-end luxury cars such as Audi possess modern sensors and advanced technology. As a result, they require a high-voltage battery to provide sufficient electrical supply to the entire car without bearing any heavy load whereas smaller cars require less power to work seamlessly.

Since Exide offers hi-tech batteries with advanced technology for a multitude of car companies such as Maruti, Toyota, Hyundai, Skoda, Audi, BMW, Volvo and many more, the process of finding a car battery that suits your car is practically effortless. Exide possesses a wide spectrum of car batteries that range from 2.5 to 20,400 Ah capacity to ensure that consumers never need to compromise on their car battery needs.

Check For Freshness

Although you may be purchasing a new battery, certain batteries may have been lying around since ages. Deceitful sellers may dupe unscrupulous customers by selling an old model that is way past its prime and may die shortly after purchase and installation. So, while purchasing a car battery, learn to interpret battery codes or go to a trusted Exide partner like AIS Car Fit Experts to make sure that you are purchasing the freshest battery available which caters to your car’s performance needs.

Check for Maintenance Level

A car battery is essentially the life of the car and deserves the best care and maintenance to keep it working in top condition. However, not everyone has the time to do regular checks and cleaning required to maintain the battery.  That’s why majority of people spring for a low-maintenance battery.

Exide batteries are designed specially to decrease vibration and shocks that cause battery displacement and short circuits. An Exide car battery is extremely low-maintenance and requires a simple cleaning procedure using a damp cloth and toothbrush to prevent corrosion build-up. Moreover, Exide even offers warranty coverage to ensure maximum satisfaction for their clients.

So, stop waiting and get in touch with AIS Car Fit Experts. As an official partner of Exide, you can find 100% genuine, high-performance Exide batteries that will cater to your vehicle’s unique needs. Contact us for a much-needed battery check and purchase your Exide car battery online today!


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