Smart Exide Car Battery Replacement Tips

From powerful engines to air-conditioners and seat-warmers, contemporary cars are loaded with advanced driver safety and assistance features. However, a high-performance car battery that powers them all stands in a class of its own. After all, without a healthy battery, all such features are useless and your vehicle is as good as dead.

When it comes to the automotive market, Exide is a name that needs no introduction. This undisputed car battery manufacturer’s name is often used as an epitome for premium-quality and high-performance batteries. Exide has an extensive range of car batteries that fits the requirements of a wide variety of cars – be it a compact hatchback or a luxurious SUV. There are many Exide battery variants such as Exide Mileage, Exide Cabby, Exide Epiq, Exide Gold, Exide Advanz, and more.

What Should You Know before Buying an Exide Battery Online?

When looking for an Exide battery online, here are some pointers that you should keep in mind.

Reserve Capacity (RC)

A crucial battery rating, RC or Reserve Capacity refers to the duration of time for which a fully-charged car battery will be able to power the engine and all the other electrical components if the alternator fails. Every automotive battery has a narrow range of RC, which is usually specified in minutes. When purchasing an Exide battery online, always check the owner’s manual or the label of your pre-installed car battery to know its RC range and shop for the exact RC demanded by your car.


Opting for a cheap car battery may be tempting, but it can end up costing you more in the long run – think premature battery failure and no warranty. When you shop for an Exide battery, you will always receive a reliable warranty. This can come in handy if your battery dies within the warranty period as you will get a free replacement. Before purchasing a new Exide battery online, remember to check the details related to its warranty.

Battery Group Size

Car batteries are divided into different groups depending on their physical dimensions. Cars are equipped with a battery tray that is designed to fit snugly around a specific automotive battery. When purchasing a new Exide battery online, you must know the group size of your current battery for the perfect fit. So, before buying, check the label of your existing car battery or refer to the owner’s manual.

Manufacturing Date

Old batteries don’t have the required amount of charge that is needed to power up your vehicle’s engine. This is why, whether you are buying an Exide battery online or from a shop, always check the manufacturing date. To find out the manufacturing date, check the date stamp on the battery. Car batteries’ manufacturing date is stated as a code, wherein the number corresponds to the year of manufacturing, and the letter stands for the month. Choose a battery that is not more than three months old from the date of purchase.

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