Why An Exide Battery Is the Best Choice For Your Wagon R In Delhi

If you own a Wagon R car in Delhi, choosing the right car battery is crucial to ensure smooth and trouble-free driving. With plenty of options available, an Exide battery stands out as the best battery for Wagon R for several reasons. In this blog, we’ll discuss why an Exide battery is the ideal choice for your Wagon R in Delhi.

An Overview of Exide Battery

Exide batteries have been a trusted name in automotive batteries since 1920. Based in India, Exide offers a wide range of high-quality, durable batteries specially engineered for different vehicles. When it comes to batteries for Wagon R cars, Exide has Optimized battery models that provide reliable ignition power and withstand Delhi’s hot summers. Made with top grade materials using the latest technologies, Exide batteries promise robust performance and longevity.

Their competitive pricing, coupled with a strong dealer network, makes them a value-for-money choice for Wagon R owners seeking a battery replacement in Delhi. With decades of expertise, Exide batteries deliver the power you can bank on for your Wagon R.

Reasons Exide Battery is the Best for Wagon R

1. High Quality and Reliability

Exide batteries are manufactured by Exide Industries, one of the leading and most trusted battery brands in India. Exide has been making batteries since 1920, and their almost 100 years of expertise are reflected in the high quality and reliability of Exide batteries.

The Exide batteries meant for Wagon R cars are engineered, keeping the car’s specifications in mind. They undergo rigorous quality control checks to ensure consistent performance across changing weather conditions in Delhi.

Exide batteries have thick plates, sturdy build, and longer shelf life. This makes them withstand the extreme Delhi heat without failing prematurely. Their promise of durability and performance makes Exide batteries a favourite for Wagon R owners in Delhi.

2. Optimized for Wagon R’s Engine Specs

Exide offers batteries in various configurations optimized specifically for the Wagon R engine. For the 1000 cc and 1200 cc Wagon R engines, opting for an Exide battery with a recommended capacity of around 40Ah to 45Ah is ideal.

This Optimized battery capacity caters smoothly to the Wagon R engine’s power requirements without putting on excess load. It ensures your Wagon R’s engine gets reliable ignition power for starting up and running optimally, even in harsh Delhi summers.

3. Better Protection from Overheating

Delhi’s hot summers are tough on car batteries. Heat causes car batteries to overheat and fail prematurely. Exide batteries meant for Wagon R come equipped with an extra ventilation design and heat-resistant build quality. This enables the battery to remain cool even during extreme summer heat.

The calcium-silver alloy used in the battery plates reduces overheating and increases heat tolerance. Your Exide battery will be less prone to failure due to overheating in Delhi’s harsh summer months.

4 Decent Warranty Coverage

Exide batteries for Wagon R cars usually come with a warranty of about 2 years. Some premium models offer a warranty of up to 4 years. The warranty covers you against manufacturing defects. Within the warranty period, you’ll get a free replacement if the battery is found defective. This provides peace of mind to Wagon R owners in Delhi when installing a new Exide battery.

5. Wide Service Network

Exide has a wide network of authorised dealers and service centers across Delhi. This makes it convenient to purchase a new Exide Wagon R battery or avail of after-sales service if required.

Exide’s extensive regional reach is an added advantage, as you won’t have to worry about service accessibility even in remote parts of Delhi.

6. Cost-Effective Choice

Exide batteries are competitively priced, making them an excellent value-for-money purchase for your Wagon R. The prices range from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 for most battery models.

Considering the reliable performance, Optimized specs, and decent warranty offered, Exide batteries are a cost-effective choice compared to other brands. The pricing fits comfortably within the Wagon R car battery replacement budget.

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From optimal capacity, robust build quality, and heat tolerance to decent warranty and easy availability, Exide batteries are undoubtedly the best bet for Wagon R cars in Delhi. Choose the suitable Exide battery model for your Wagon R to enjoy years of hassle-free driving and battery performance.

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