How To Analyze the Right Car Wiper Blades Price In The Market?

Driving through fog, dust, or storms can be difficult. It obstructs your view of the road in front of you, elevating the risk of accidents. This is detrimental to both the driver and the passengers. That is why the use of car wiper blades is crucial in a car.

Car wiper blades are easy to install, simple to use, and very convenient in any vehicle. They are also quite strong and effective, so they can last through any type of weather condition. If your car does not have a wiper blade or you broke one, do not worry. In this context, we will help you determine the right car wiper blade price in the market. This will help you understand what budget you could design for the same.

Types Of Car Wiper Blades And Their Prices

Generally, the car wiper blades price may range from Rs. 325 to Rs. 1,199, depending on the material and features. Let’s take a look!

  • Auto Hub Frameless Car Wiper Blades

    This is a pair of car wiper blades that are available for a price range of Rs. 799. These wiper blades are suitable for Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire cars and are made using top-quality plastic. The blades are designed with an aerodynamic effect that helps them perform seamlessly.

    These car wiper blades are also very efficient and quiet in operation. With scratch-proof cleaning, these blades become an ideal pick for people driving Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire cars.

  • Bosch Front Wind Shield Wiper Blade

    Bosch’s new car wiper blades are made using precision-tensioned steel springs. That is why it can help provide equal pressure on all sides for thorough cleaning. The blades can be installed in any car and are priced at only Rs. 367.

    The car wiper blades are made using aerodynamic wind spoilers and have persistent wiping performance. Both of them together allows the blades to function seamlessly and operate without many hassles.

  • WolkomHome High Performance OE Car Wiper Blade

    This wiper comes with a trim-dragging and hook mounting feature that amplifies its latest design. Since the blades of this car wiper are aerodynamically designed and flat, they also help avoid any form of smearing. As such, you can expect a cleaner and brand-new-looking windshield in no time.

    These car wiper blades are not only easy to install but also very convenient in operation and offer a great amount of elastic extension. Anyone with a Renault Duster can leverage the use of these wiper blades instantly. Since they come at a cost-effective price of Rs. 1,199, you can purchase them right away.

  • Bosch Eco Wiper Blade

    Designed using high-quality natural rubber, Bosch Eco Wiper Blades come in a pair of two. The best part is that the wiper blades are compatible with almost every car model. It comes with a double micro-wiping edge that helps improve visibility through the windshield. So, it also comes at a nominal price of Rs. 444 only.

    The car wiper blades are also available with a graphite coating that helps them operate smoothly even during the harshest weather conditions. This way, you can drive through the harsh weather without any hassles.

AIS Car Fit Experts for Cost-effective Car Wiper Blades

The car wiper blade’s price can be slightly high, depending on the type and quality you choose. But with AIS Car Fit Expert, you have the opportunity to get them at low rates. This is because we offer regular discounts on our products. We also provide a repair-first policy, which means you can expect to pay lower rates in case your car wiper blades can be repaired before replacement.

The experts here also provide the highest quality car wiper blades by delivering doorstep services to those in need. Thus, there is enough flexibility for you to count on. The one-year warranty period on all our services is also a great way to rely on the solutions when in need. Tap on our website to learn about the availability in your location too.


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