What Is the Process of Wiper Blade Check & Replacement?

How To Check & Replace Wiper Blade Check & Replacement

The wiper blade in your car may seem unimportant among other robust components in your car. But you only seem to realize its importance while driving through a storm, fog, or rain. It is the wiper blade on your windshield that helps the driver drive through any weather condition with utmost ease. That is why one should never neglect its operations.

In certain cases, the wiper blades may stop working the same way they used to. Reasons could differ from a blown fuse and damaged arms to even wire breaks. At this point, a wiper blade check with AIS Car Fit Experts can help. Accordingly, they can suggest a replacement that will solve all your problems.

In this context, we will help you understand the process of wiper blade checking and replacement. So, make sure you read through to the end.

How To Conduct Wiper Blade Check?

AIS Car Fit Experts can conduct wiper blade checks within the shortest span of time. Here is the procedure followed by our experts while checking the wiper blades.

Step 1- Checking the Blades

Our experts apply their state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to check your wiper blades on time. First, we check the blade arms, their posture and any breakage there. Then, we identify any and every form of wiper blade issue and suggest wiper blade replacement accordingly. If not, then your wiper blade is most likely okay.

Step 2- Detaching the Old Blades

Once the professionals at AIS Car Fit Experts identify the problem with your wiper blades, we will suggest replacement accordingly. Before we do this, we will use careful techniques to remove the old blades. To conduct this task with the utmost care, we provide the most equipped techniques at our stop. After conducting the wiper blade check, we gently remove them to pave the way for new ones.

Step 3- Placing the New Wiper Blades

When conducting wiper blade replacement, our technicians do this very patiently. We take our time to make sure that there is no damage to the wiper blades from our end. Our professionals also choose the right wiper blade size for your car so that it slides in seamlessly. Once that is done, they clean it up properly to conduct further examination and hand over the car to you looking as good as new.

Step 4- Examining the New Wiper Blades

In the final stage, our AIS Car Fit Experts run a complete analysis of the new wiper blades installed in your vehicle. This helps them to make sure that you face no further hindrances regarding the same. To do this, they use a multitude of careful techniques. They also conduct test drives where they use the wiper blades to check if it is performing well. In case of any issues, they will fix them immediately before submitting the final results to you.

When Is It Time for A Wiper Blade Replacement?

AIS Car Fit Experts can provide an accurate and safe wiper blade replacement. Since their professionals are certified with many years of work experience, they understand the requirements of your car wiper blade replacement and provide solutions accordingly. It is recommended that wiper blades are checked every six months and decisions on replacement are taken accordingly.

If your blades are making squeaking sounds or streaking, it is time for a wiper blade replacement. Any cracks in the material of your wiper blade, smearing when driving, and reduced performance are also signs of wiper blade replacement requirements. This is when AIS Car Fit Experts can provide their excellent services and solve the problem for you at affordable price points. We also recommend a wiper blade change with every new windshield replacement.