5 Car-Care Products that You Must Try

Your automobile has a lot to deal with – dust, grime, debris, mud, bird droppings and what not! Therefore, you must consider investing time and resources to make sure that your beloved vehicle looks spanking clean and shiny from top to bottom. Do not fret! It is not as overwhelming as it sounds. Here is a list of five automotive-care products that will surely bring back the brand-new feel of your car – both to its exteriors as well as its interiors.

3M Auto Specialty Cloth

3M Auto Speciality Cloth is a super-soft and lint-free product that you should use to clean any amount of dust off your car. Consider it a wonder cloth that is super gentle, long-lasting, and highly effective, and can clean your wet or dry vehicle without causing superficial scratches. It is ideal for colour or clean surfaces, chrome grille, windshield, windows, dashboards, etc. You may not notice this immediately but using an old ragged piece of cloth to wipe your vehicle damages its paintwork. 3M is a highly recommended and reliable brand. If you are looking to buy or replace your old car cloth, invest in this product now.

Talbros Penray Glass Cleaner

This product provides a potent yet safe formula for vehicle glass cleaning. It is especially useful for getting rid of sap, bugs, tar, dust film, wax, etc. Talbros Penray Glass Cleaner comes in the form of a spray that allows an even application and zero wastage. Since this is a fine mist spray, it completely evaporates on its own, leaving your windows squeaky clean. Do not use this glass cleaner on hot glass under direct sunlight. This product does not need to be left on the surface to soak before wiping off. Spray the glass cleaner on one window at a time and immediately wipe it clean with the 3M Auto Speciality Cloth.

Talbros Penray Tyre and Dash Shine

Penray Tyre and Dash Shine is a fast-acting and highly effective rubber and vinyl protector. You must be wondering the need to adequately clean the tyres, given that they are going to get dirty anyway. Well, keeping your tyres clean is an essential step in car care. Why? Believe it or not, a tyre cleaning product prevents ageing, browning, and cracking of your wheels. Talbros Penray offers a specially formulated cleaner that increases the longevity of your tyres. Use this product with a clean cloth and scrub away the crud to restore your wheels and keep them looking brand-spanking new.

Talbros Penray Tyre Inflator

Picture: you are on a long drive with your loved ones and a tyre goes bust. Now, you may or may not find a mechanic or an emergency service to come to your rescue. Being stranded without recourse can indeed create a stressful situation. Avoid all of this by keeping a Talbros Penray Tyre Inflator can in the back of your car. This product provides a fast and efficient solution by temporarily sealing your punctured tyre while inflating it. Once you have sprayed your tyre shut, drive your car to the nearest garage for a more permanent fix. The Talbros Penray Tyre Inflator is entirely non-inflammable, non-corrosive, and contains a trademark Leak Detective (LT) formula to identify the point of puncture quickly.

Talbros Penray Anti-Rust Lubricant

Rust is especially a problem in older vehicles. But, not one without a solution. The Talbros Penray Anti-Rust lubricant penetrates and frees rusted threads, stubborn grime, and caked-up grease from the surface or hinges of your vehicle. It also displaces water, keeps challenging to remove parts lubricated for a long time, and reduces squeaks by getting rid of unnecessary friction. This lubricant has a silicon-free formula which is very safe to use. Keep this item in a cool place away from heat or flames, and wash your hands thoroughly after using it. Avoid direct contact with the skin, eyes, and clothing. Also, do not smoke while using this product.

Can I Buy These Car-Care Products Online?

The best place to request for a quote for these car-care products online is by logging on to www.carfitexperts.com. In case you need more information on how to use these products, contact Car Fit Experts’ service centres. You can also get in touch by phone on + 91 95553 05044.

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