Points to Consider Before Buying Amaron Car Battery

Car Batteries are not ordinary components that sit inside the hood of your vehicle. They are the soul and the powerhouse of your car. Automotive batteries convert chemical energy to electrical energy to power up your car’s engine, air conditioners, seat warmers, interior lighting and even headlights. Without a car battery, an engine is useless.

Yet, as any other object in creation, batteries do not last forever and typically require replacement or servicing at least more than once in their lifetime. Generally, car batteries have a lifespan of two to five years depending upon several external factors and the maintenance they receive. Following the said period, batteries generally need to be replaced.

Amaron is a famous automotive battery brand that specialises in creating high-performance batteries for your car. It is a leading car battery manufacturer with the following high-quality designs in its catalogue:

  • Amaron Pro
  • Amaron Flo
  • Amaron Go
  • Amaron Black
  • Amaron Fresh

Before you decide which Amaron battery to buy for your vehicle, here are a few things you must know.

What Should You Know Before Shopping for a New Amaron Battery Online?

You should take the following factors into consideration before you purchase your new Amaron battery online

Group Size

Depending on the dimensions of an automotive battery, it is classified into different group sizes. These group sizes are efficient differentiators for different car models. Every car is equipped with a battery tray that is designed to fit snugly around the automotive battery. Before you shop for a new Amaron car battery, you must consider the group size of your existing battery. Doing this will ensure that your car battery fits perfectly into the battery tray and does not move around while you drive. To check the group size required by your vehicle, refer to the owner’s manual of your car or check the label of the existing car battery.

Reserve Capacity

Another important differentiator of car batteries worldwide, the reserve capacity requires utmost consideration by every battery shopper. Reserve capacity refers simply to the amount of power your car battery will supply to all the electrical systems of your car if the alternator or the fan-belt fails. There is usually a narrow range of reserve capacities for each automotive battery. This range is specified in minutes. You must always check the owner’s manual of your car or the label of your pre-existing car battery to know the reserve capacity range of your automotive battery. Always shop for an Amaron car battery online that has the same reserve capacity as that of your car.

Cold Cranking Amps

Vehicles that operate in regions with frigid climate tend to pose a lot of trouble while revving up for the first time in the morning. This is often a result of the engine oil thickening up or freezing due to the weather. In such cases, the cold cranking amps of your automotive battery play a vital role in powering up your car. CCA or Cold Cranking Amps are the number of amps that an automotive battery is supposed to power for 30 seconds at zero degrees Fahrenheit. Essentially, CCA is nothing but the amount of power your car battery can provide to the engine at the time of ignition. If you live in a colder region, you can choose an Amaron car battery online that has a CCA rating slightly higher than that which is specified for your car. However, do not go under or over this rating by a large margin to ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle.

Manufacture Date

Extremely old car batteries do not have the necessary amount of charge to power up your car’s engine. As a battery sits on a shelf for a long time, it loses electrolyte potency. Meaning, the electrolyte evaporates. Whenever you shop for an Amaron car battery online or offline, always check the date of manufacturing. It should never be more than three months before the date of purchase.


Cheap batteries are often desirable to car owners. However, remember that cheaper batteries do not come with appropriate warranty. When you shop for an Amaron car battery online, you receive a significant warranty period for both free replacement and pro-rata. Before buying a new Amaron car battery online, you must always check the details related to the warranty of your car’s battery. Always find out the location of replacement and service centres so that you do not face trouble availing of your warranty.

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