Frequently Asked Questions About High-Performance Car Batteries

Modern-day cars are designed to offer the customer the best of everything. From enhanced driver safety systems to added driver-assistance features, they have the latest and the most efficient technology. What powers up these robust additions, however, is a high-performance car battery. Car batteries act as your vehicle’s powerhouse.

There are different qualities and types of car batteries available in the market. Each car has a unique design and requires a specific type of cell to support it. Regardless of the nature of the battery a vehicle uses, a high-performance car battery is preferred to avoid damage to the vehicle. Some common questions about such batteries are answered in this article. Have a read to know everything about high-quality car batteries.

Can I Install a High-Performance Car Battery I Bought for One car into Another?

The simple answer to this question is No. The battery tray of each car is designed to carry only one size of a battery such that it fits snugly. Based on their size, car batteries are classified into different group sizes. Group sizes can be different for different brands and even the various models of the same brand. The one-size-fits-all theory does not work with automotive batteries.

If you are confused about which group size is suitable for your car, you can refer to its owner’s manual or check the case of your existing battery.

What is Reserve Capacity and How Does it Define Battery Performance?

Reserve capacity, also commonly known as standing power, is the amount of time for which, in case of an alternator fan belt failure, your battery can support all the electrical equipment installed in your car. As indicated, it is measured in minutes and is different for each cell. Every vehicle is tailored to accept batteries having reserve capacities that fall into a narrow range. For high-performance car batteries, the reserve capacity is usually higher.

While shopping for a brand new car battery, remember to check the owner’s manual for the reserve capacity range and only buy batteries that fall within the specified range.

I Found Something Called CCA Rating on my old battery. What Does the Term Mean?

Cold Cranking Amps or CCA is the amount of power your battery can supply to your vehicle’s engine as you turn it on. The number of amps a battery can support for 30 seconds at zero degrees Fahrenheit is its CCA measurement.

Whenever you buy a new car battery, you must always check the CCA ratings of your existing battery or the recommended one for your car. Owner’s manual can be a help in this regard. Remember that purchasing a high-performance car battery with a CCA rating significantly higher or lower than the recommended one can cause future damage to your vehicle.

Can I Buy a High-Performance Car Battery if it’s a Little Old?

Automotive batteries tend to age quickly and lose their power as they age. Any battery that is older than three months from the date of its purchase is not suitable for your vehicle. It will die very soon and make you invest in a new one unnecessarily.

Check the date of manufacture of any car battery that you are planning to buy. Avoid purchasing if it is more than three months old.

Do Car Batteries Come with Warranty?

Yes, high-performance car batteries certainly do. Each automotive battery comes with a free replacement and a pro-rata warranty period. During the free replacement period, the battery manufacturer is entitled to replace your battery with a new one free of cost. During the pro-rata period, you will receive a percentage of the purchase price if your battery fails. Good batteries have more extended warranty periods and should be preferred.

If you are not sure about the warranty period for your battery, contact your dealer or check the battery’s label.

Does the Brand of My Car Battery Matter?

When looking for a new car battery, you might be swayed by cheap offers that include generic or low-quality batteries. However, the initial savings on such batteries will soon be rendered moot as they fail quickly and come with limited warranty of service. Always invest in high-performance car batteries from reputed brands like Amaron and Exide to enjoy powerful vehicle performance.

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