Points to Get the Right Car Battery for Your Vehicle

The battery is the powerhouse of your car. Even the engine cannot be started if the battery of your car runs out. Other electrical components of your car like the headlights, the heater, the AC, and your beloved radio cannot work without a battery either.  This makes it imperative for you to not only choose the best replacement car battery but to also make sure that you get a timely replacement.

While the battery can be recharged, over time it becomes old and stops functioning properly altogether. In that case, choosing the right battery for your car consists of considering some key factors like size, reserve capacity, power, age, and cranking or cold-cranking amps. These factors determine how the battery will fit and how efficient it will be for your vehicle and will help you in choosing the best replacement car battery.


The power of a battery is usually expressed in Ah (Ampere hour). It determines how many amps of power the battery generates every hour. The Ah rating can often be found on the top or front side of your battery.

The thing to keep in mind is to not get a battery with a lower Ah rating than what is specified in your car manual. It might also result in trouble while starting your car. A much higher Ah rating can put a huge amount of load on the alternator, so to get the best replacement car battery, choosing one with the right Ah rating is vital.


If the battery is not of the right size, it will not fit properly in the battery tray of your car. Car battery trays come in a variety of group sizes. The size your car requires can be found in your car’s manual or the manufacturer’s website. There are a few common group sizes that cars generally use, including:

  • Size 75
  • Size 65
  • Size 35
  • Size 34
  • Size 37/78


New batteries last longer than old batteries, so it is vital to check the manufacturing date of the battery you are putting into your car. A battery is considered new if it is less than 6 months old. The best replacement car battery both in terms of performance and longevity would be one that is new even if a little expensive as compared to a cheaper one that is also old.

The manufacturing date of a battery is written in the form of a code on its label. This code consists of two alphanumeric characters. The first character will be any letter from A to L, while the second one will be any number from 0 to 9. The letter indicates the month of manufacture (for example, A stands for January and B for February) and the number indicates the year (0 for 2010, 2 for 2012, etc.). Through this code, you can find out the manufacturing date of a battery and determine whether or not it’s too old to be put to use in your car.

Reserve Capacity

A battery’s reserve capacity indicates the maximum duration of time for which it can supply a minimum voltage to your car if the alternator responsible for charging it fails. A battery with a longer RC rating can run your car for a considerable amount of time even if the alternator fails.

The RC rating is generally expressed in minutes and is available on the battery’s label itself. It is the emergency oxygen mask for your car, preventing you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere in case of any mishaps.

Cold-Cranking Amp Rating

Have you ever had trouble starting your car during chilly weather? It might be because you are using a car battery with a low cold-cranking amp rating. The CCA rating refers to the number of amps of power the battery will be able to support at 0° F or -17.8° C. A higher CCA rating is especially necessary if you live in a region with extremely cold climate since when the temperature reaches freezing conditions, the engine oil starts to thicken, making it difficult to start your car.

Note – Do not confuse the CCA with CA (cranking amps). CA is another measure of electric current, measured at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, a battery’s CA rating will be higher than its CCA rating.


Another important thing to keep in mind while choosing the best replacement car battery is to go for one that comes with a warranty period. Genuine car battery manufacturers will always provide a warranty for their batteries. So, to be sure you end up with a genuine product; choose a car battery that comes with a warranty.

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