Taking Care of the Car Battery – 5 tips

The last thing you want is dead car battery within a couple of years. On an average, a car battery lasts for 3 to 5 years but due to certain internal and external factors, its life reduces significantly. For instance, if you have been driving in extreme weather conditions, the longevity of your car battery is compromised. That’s where proper maintenance comes to the rescue. So, if you want to prolong the life of your car’s battery, the following maintenance tips will certainly help you:

  1. Ensure that the battery is properly fastened

To avoid any short circuits or internal damages, it is crucial to keep the battery of your car tightly placed. The battery charge will not reach the destined sources if it isn’t properly placed. As a result, the electricals of the car will dysfunction. Check your battery on a regular basis to avoid such problems. Start with basics like tightening the cables on their respective terminals. Also, make sure that you check the connectors because if they are loose, the battery will not function properly.

  1. Check the electrolyte in your car battery

To check the level of electrolyte i.e. the water and acid solution in the car battery, remove the covers of the battery cells. If it requires more water, use distilled water and ensure that it doesn’t overflow/spill. You may need to replace the battery if you find any cracks inside. Also buy the replacement Amaron or Exide battery online and you may get it fixed at the nearby car service center.

  1. Turn off the electrical components when not in use

It is possible to forget to turn off the headlights and other electrical components in the cars. The result, however, is that the battery loses charge and starts to dysfunction. Logically, you must remember to switch off the lights, stereo, and any other accessories that draw power from the battery. Inculcate the habit of rechecking the car before going to bed.

  1. Check for the corrosion

Corrosion over the battery and the battery slot can significantly affect its functioning. Check the battery terminal from time to time and clean them regularly to avoid corrosion. If any part is corroded, all you need is a tand baking soda mixture to remove it. However, you will have to unplug the battery before you start rubbing it off.

  1. Take it for servicing

Apart from taking care of your battery by yourself, you must get it serviced every time your car is taken for a service. If you are unsure about the best car service center in your area, Google car battery service near me and choose the center with the best reviews.

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