The Next Thing to Do if Your Car Breaks Down while Driving

Few joys in life compare to that of an exciting road trip with loved ones. Similarly, no other woe comes even remotely close to that of a car breakdown in a stranded or desolate area with no help in sight. Car breakdowns are highly common, even in cases where the car has been kept in top-notch condition. More often than not, battery failure has been found to be the cause of such unexpected breakdowns.

If you find yourself in such a situation, your first course of action must be to retry turning the key for ignition. If that doesn’t work, your next hope lies in jumpstarting the car. Earlier, jumpstarting a car had twenty feet long jumper cables and another functional vehicle as requirements; however, nowadays, you can find portable power packs that have enough juice to jumpstart a vehicle without the need for another vehicle. So, have one with you and ensure that it is fully charged at all times, especially before a road trip.

If this does not jumpstart your car battery, you will have to have to opt for a car battery replacement from a quality service provider like Car Fit Experts. When it comes to replacement and new car battery installation, you should always consider the following factors.

Battery Size

All car batteries are divided into different groups based on their dimensions. The group sizes are unique for each car model. This is why before buying a new battery for car battery replacement, always check the label of your pre-installed battery to know the group size. You can also refer to the vehicle owner manual to know your car battery’s group size.

Manufacturing Date

When going for a car battery replacement, always pick a new car battery, preferably one that is no more than three months old from the date of purchase. Old batteries do not hold up charge and can die soon after purchase.

Reserve Capacity (RC)

Reserve Capacity is the amount of time for which your battery can run on its own power and support your car’s electrical components without ignition. The reserve capacity differs from one car model to another. During car battery installation, it is essential to opt for a car battery that has the exact same reserve capacity range as demanded by your car. You can find this information on the owner manual of the car or on the label of your already-existing car battery.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

Cold Cranking Amps refers to the battery’s ability to start your car in cold temperatures. The CCA rating is dependent on the climate where the car is to be driven. This is why the CCA rating is higher in batteries used in colder temperature zones. When going for a car battery replacement, always go for a car battery that has the same CCA specification as your pre-installed battery.

New car battery installation requires accurate monitoring. If the battery installation is not done correctly, your car can be severely damaged; a money and time-consuming process. This is why when it comes to car battery replacement and installation, it is recommended to seek expert help.

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