How to Extend the Life of Your Wagon R Car Battery?

The Wagon R is a budget-friendly vehicle for most Indian families with a perfect blend of power, features, fuel economy, and affordability. Once you invest in it, you will want the Wagon R battery to last a lifetime. A majority of car batteries tend to last for 3 to 5 years. But did you know that you can prolong the durability of your car battery with appropriate care? Delve deeper to explore some handy tips to extend the battery life of your Wagon R.

• Always Keep the Battery Clean: Check Out How!

If you want your Wagon R battery to last long, keeping it clean is necessary. Keep all dirt and grime away from your car battery. A dirty battery will deposit grime on top of the battery casing. It might cause a short circuit and eventually make the battery go flat.
Over time, corrosion starts affecting your battery terminals. Therefore, you should also try to keep the battery terminals squeaky clean.

• Know What the Right Positioning for Your Battery Is

If you want to get the most out of your Amaron Wagon R battery price, you should keep it away from vibration as much as possible. Use an approved clamp to keep your Wagon R battery in place at all times and protect it from vibration. As long as you don’t securely fasten the battery, external vibration will ruin the internal components. Eventually, the battery circuit will get damaged.
However, it’s crucial not to over-tighten the clamp nuts because it is extremely harmful to your car battery. Try tightening the nuts as long as you can’t face resistance. After that, you should continue for only another half-turn.

• Reduce Heat Exposure: Find Out Why

Several people believe in the notion that cold weather can destroy car batteries. This misconception stems from the fact that car batteries take longer to start during the winter months. However, the delay in starting occurs due to the damage sustained during the summer months.
Extreme heat has negative implications on car batteries. Even in batteries with a sealed top, heat increases the rate of evaporation from the cells. As the temperature starts to fall during the winter months, the battery loses its remaining cranking power. Therefore, the cold only helps lift the veil from the shortcomings of the already damaged battery.
An easy way to prevent Wagon R battery damage is to keep it away from high temperatures as much as possible. Always park your vehicle under a shade, and when not in use, keep it inside a garage. Moreover, look for ways to insulate the battery from heat exposure within the engine bay.

Ending Note

After bearing the Wagon R battery price, you will want it to run for a long time. The tips mentioned above will help extend its battery life. But no battery will last for eternity, and you will eventually have to opt for replacement.

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