What Is New Hyundai Verna Battery Customizable Standard Warranty?

Every year, each vehicle travels a different distance. While some travel within a single location, others could go to many states annually. This indicates that various maintenance and repair facilities are needed for various types of cars. Thankfully, Hyundai has recognized this just in time.

Today, we will learn about the new Hyundai Verna battery’s customizable standard warranty and how AIS Car Fit Experts can help with it. This will give you ample information on the Hyundai Verna battery for future reference.

What Is Hyundai Verna Battery Customizable Standard Warranty?

Recently, Hyundai launched the Verna, which is its sixth-generation Sedan. The car features not only standout designs and technological features but world-class comfort and luxury as well. But what’s best is the extended warranty that is available with it.

Hyundai has now launched a standard warranty of three years on the Verna. This means that if you experience any battery-related issues during this time, you can take your car to an authorized Hyundai dealer, and they will fix it for free.

But did you know that now one can also extend the warranty for up to 7 years on a Hyundai Verna battery by paying a substantial amount of money? This is for those buyers who think they require better protection for more kilometers as per their driving requirements. In fact, Hyundai is also providing two different service packages right now. One is Shield of Trust, and the other is Shield of Trust Super.

Shield Of Trust offers a repair package of up to five years. However, the latter provides a maintenance package of up to five years. The extended warranty plan on this car ranges from Rs. 23,554 to Rs. 42,310. But when you opt for the Shield of Trust package that lasts for up to 3 years or four years, the plan may range from Rs. 13,999 to Rs. 24,999.

Hyundai Verna Battery Additional Details

When you are using the Hyundai Verna battery that functions on diesel, it is important to check it regularly. AIS Car Fit Experts can make this easier for you.

Our professionals have years of experience handling different types of car batteries for diverse vehicles. We also provide zero-maintenance car batteries that provide high cranking power, better safety and high corrosion resistance. So, most of your car battery problems are sure to wither away soon.

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Why Choose AIS Car Fit Experts for Battery Replacement?

When looking for Verna car battery replacement, AIS Car Fit Experts can help. This is when you do not want to pay additional charges for the customizable standard warranty of your Hyundai Verna cars. Since we provide a plethora of first-class car batteries that also come with vibration resistance and the highest reverse capacity, you can choose our professionals today for help.

The Bottom Line

Verna car batteries are now available with a customizable standard warranty. So, do not hesitate to leverage it while you can with AIS Car Fit Experts. Our batteries are quite durable, long-lasting and also provide high heat tolerance. Also, our batteries are equipped to function well under any type of weather condition. Count on us to deliver nothing but the best.