6 Signs It’s Time to Get New Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are an essential car accessory whose maintenance is often overlooked until monsoon season. However, they are not just helpful in the rains. Driving down a gravel road can cover your windshield with dust and grime. Poor visibility is one of the significant reasons for car accidents. The car wiper blades help clear the dust, sleet, snow and rain and are, thus, responsible for clear vision at all times.

Typically, wiper blades are meant to last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years, depending upon their quality, their usage as well as the weather conditions they’re subjected to. The next time you disregard the noise coming from your dysfunctional car wiper blades or think that you can make-do without a replacement.

Now that you’ve understood the significance of wiper blades, be on the lookout for these warning signs when you take your car out for a drive.

  1. Squeaking Noises

This one’s a no brainer. Apart from being incredibly annoying, they indicate faulty wiper fittings. The noise occurs because the blades are not in proper contact with your windshield, which results in incompetent cleaning. Depending upon their mobility, this can usually be taken care of by readjusting the wiper arms. However, if the noise persists, it’s time for you to get a new set of wiper blades.

  1. Windshield Streaks

Streaking is another common problem that impairs visibility. Wiper blades wear out over time and cause streaks on your windshield. With an estimate of the car wiper blades sweeping across your windshield about a thousand times a year, they are bound to take the brunt of it.

Generally, thorough windshield cleaning with water and a soft cloth can remove the debris. But if the streaking perseveres, it’s a clear sign that your wipers are past their prime and are in dire need of a replacement.

  1. Damaged Rubber

The next time you enter your car, inspect the rubber on the wipers. If the rubber is intact and smooth, you’re good to go. However, of the rubber is cracked, split, chipped or broken, it can cause disturbances when driving and warrant an instant replacement.

When installing new wiper blades, make sure that they are a composition of synthetic and natural rubbers as opposed to 100% genuine rubber. Artificial and composite rubbers are said to be more sun-resistant than natural rubber and can increase the lifespan of your blades.

  1. Imperfect Metal Frames

The upper part of your car wiper blades is made of metal. These blades are responsible for protecting the shape of the frame and maintaining the integrity of the rubber. At times, the metal blade or frame can get bent or damaged. Rough manhandling at amateur car wash companies can create this problem.

Once the frame is bent, it cannot come in contact with the windshield properly. This causes your vision to get compromised in times of heavy rain and snow. It’s in your best interest to get your old pair replaced with the best wiper blades to avoid any road accidents.

  1. Skipping Blades

Compared to the other signs, this one is a result of underuse. When you don’t use your wiper blades often, they may skip across the windshield instead of wiping the dust and rain away. You may notice this after a long summer break or if you live in areas with hot weather.

The extreme heat from the sun causes your wipers to lose shape due to the constant heating and cooling. To tackle this issue, make sure you park your vehicle under a shelter or in the garage. Either way, you need to get your wipers replaced once the problem arises.

  1. Smeared Windshields

Although it’s along the similar lines of streaking, a smeared windshield usually results from poor quality washer fluid, worn-out wipers or a grimy windshield. You can distinguish smearing from streaking based on the amount of dirt and dust covering your windshield. The larger the obstructed portion, the higher the chances of it being a case of smearing.

Smearing is worse because it covers a significant part of your windshield with debris, thus, distorting your vision and making your car more susceptible to unfortunate incidents. So, the next time you see a patch of dirt that won’t go away with your wiper blades, get an immediate replacement to ensure safety while driving.

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