When Is Car Wiper Blade Replacement Important?

Did you know most road accidents occur because of poor visibility? Yet motorists overlook the significance of car wiper blades in offering a safe driving experience.

Car wiper blades are one of the essential safety features in a car. They keep away both physical elements and flying debris – heavy rains, insects, hail, dust, etc. to provide optimum visibility. They also keep the line-of-sight clear for both the front and back view.

Over a period of time, the car wipers tend to deteriorate. Just like most car components, wiper blades also show operational failures in the form of squeaks.

Warning Signs

Everyday use can wear out car wiper blades and cause windshield damage if not replaced timely. You can look for tell-tale signs such as chattering, squeaking, streaking, skipping, splitting, and more – these are definite signs of wiper damage.

Other important warning signs include rubber blade issues (cracks or breaks), windshield streaking, bent metal frames, skipping blades, among others. But the most vital sign of wiper damage is windshield smearing.

If your car wiper blades are unable to wipe away dirt and instead, smear it across the windshield, you need new ones. A smeared windshield can obstruct the line-of-sight and cause safety concerns. To drive safely, replace the wipers immediately.

Lastly, look out for the most obvious warning sign – the wiper’s age. Any car wiper which is older than a year demands immediate replacement.

When to Replace Car Wiper Blades?

 Notice the warning signs mentioned above? You probably need a car wiper replacement to maintain clear visibility. Besides, continued use of damaged wipers can also hamper the windshield in return. It may even lead to windshield breakage, incurring extra expense.

Thus, to avoid such sudden damages, it is crucial to replace the wiper blades early on. Ideally, car wiper blades should be replaced every 6-12 months to keep the line-of-sight unobstructed.

In any case, the service life of wipers is determined by their quality and the weather conditions they are subjected to. Nonetheless, car wipers will show the signs of damage, as mentioned above. If you notice such signs, replace the wiper blades immediately.

But avoid a DIY installation as it can jeopardise your safety. As you know, wipers are fundamental for an unobstructed, smooth driving experience. Thus, make sure to use a professional car wiper replacement service to avoid faulty installations.

Take Preventative Care

Prevention is always better than cure, especially if your visibility is at the line. However, Indian motorists are yet to catch up.

Keep away from direct sunlight as excessive exposure to UV rays causes wipers to split open. Park your car under shade whenever possible. You can also lubricate the wiper blades with petroleum jelly for smooth operation. Moreover, the easiest maintenance trick is to always keep the wipers clean for friction-less functioning.

You can perform routine inspections and maintenance to increase the service life of car wipers. However, industry experts suggest that wipers should be replaced every 6 to 12 months based on their condition.

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