All You Need to Know about Amaron Car Battery Maintenance

Getting stranded in the middle of the road because your car stopped is something most drivers experience sometime in their life. In most cases, the reason for the car stopping all of a sudden is that the car battery is dead. The battery stores all the electricity needed for your vehicle to run and so investing in a good car battery goes a long way.

It is funny how we only care about the car battery when it dies and never notice or appreciate it when the car is running smoothly. However, the battery is the most crucial component as it powers the whole vehicle, including the air-conditioner and even phone charger. It won’t be wrong to say that the battery is the heart of your car and to keep the heart beating and the vehicle running; you must choose the best-quality battery and take the necessary measures to maintain it.

Why Should You Choose Amaron Battery?

The battery is the beating heart of your vehicle, and therefore, you must choose a battery that gives a good performance. While many variants of car batteries are available in the market today, Amaron battery is the leading brand in India. The automotive battery manufacturing company is known for its premium-quality car batteries that are highly optimised, affordable, and give an impressive performance. These batteries last longer than their competitors and are meant for a wide range of vehicles.

The most revolutionary automotive battery type in recent years is the Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (VRLA), which is also known as a maintenance-free or zero-maintenance battery. Amaron manufactures the best zero-maintenance batteries in India. The most significant advantage the Amaron battery holds over its competition is that it requires minimal care. They are durable and robust and contain traces of silver which makes them perfect for high-performance vehicles.

Some more advantages of Amaron battery are that they have a high heat tolerance, vibration-resistance as well as high reserve capacity. These batteries are also factory-charged and ready-to-use even before they reach the dealership, which makes them convenient and highly efficient.

Warranty: The Amaron battery has the most extended warranty period in the Indian automotive market. Amaron provides a warranty period of up to 36 months for some of its batteries. Besides, if your Amaron battery dies during the warranty period, you can get it replaced by showing the warranty card.

Although Amaron automotive batteries are low-maintenance, there are some general car battery maintenance tips that should be followed. These are some essential rules to maintain the health of your Amaron battery.

Seven Signs That Your Car Battery is Dying

There are various signs to determine whether a car battery is about to die. Take a look at some of these signs to know more

Sign 1: The Check Engine Light Remains On

Although, the check engine light being on could be a signal for multiple things, one of the most obvious ones is that the car battery is getting old and running out of juice. Thus, it is better to get your battery tested in this case and find out if it is working at its full capacity or not.

Sign 2: Something Smells Rotten

A heavy rotten egg smell is a sign that there is some gas leakage in your car battery. Pop up your hood and check if there is a bad smell; if this is the case, then get your battery checked as soon as possible and, if needs be, replaced.

Sign 3: Engine Takes Time to Start

When the components of a battery wear out, they become ineffective; this causes the battery to take a long time to create a charge and for the engine to turn over.

Sign 4: Headlights Getting Dimmer

The battery is the source of power for all the components of the car. Therefore, if the battery loses its charge, then the other components will be affected and not run on full power. The headlights usually get dimmer when the battery has lost charge. Glitches in additional features such as the radio, cell phone charger, and dashboard can be signals too.

Sign 5: Battery Case Looks Swollen

If the battery case looks swollen or misshapen, then that can be a sign that the battery is not working properly and needs replacing. This could happen if the battery has been exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Sign 6: Heavy Corrosion

If you find a white ashy substance on the metallic surface of the battery, it could be a sign of corrosion. If the two terminals of the battery get corroded, it can lead to voltage issues, and you will have trouble starting your car. Use a corrosion spray every time you clean the two terminals.

Sign 7: The Battery is Too Old

Even in ideal conditions, car batteries last 3 to 5 years or so. Hence, getting regular battery tests is an important task. As soon as your battery crosses the 3-year mark, pay more attention to these signs.

If you need to get your battery replaced, try Amaron battery as it is a low-maintenance and high-quality automotive battery.

Ways to Maintain Your Car Battery

A good battery can last somewhere between 3 to 5 years if taken good care of. However, in India, batteries usually last for shorter periods as the climate is hot and dry, which causes them to wear out quickly. Still, with some tips and tricks, you can maintain and ensure a long life for your car battery. Here are some ways to ensure that your car battery stays up and running.

Clean Battery Terminals Regularly

Cleaning the battery terminals is more important than cleaning the body of the car battery. To do this, begin by locating the negative terminal and disconnect it by turning the bolt counter-clockwise and lifting the wire. Next, do the same with the positive terminal making sure the wires don’t touch the metal components. Using a mixture of baking soda with water in a 1:1 ratio is the best way to get rid of any crust and corrosion.

After cleaning the terminals, don’t forget to use a corrosion spray or simply rub Vaseline to ensure there is no corrosion because of the thorough cleaning.

Protect Battery from Cold

Cold weather is a big factor for car batteries dying prematurely. This happens when the electrolyte weakens due to increased exposure to cold weather conditions. Therefore, people who live in cold regions should take extra measures to protect their car battery. A battery heater can save the battery from freezing as it acts like a blanket that keeps it warm even in extremely cold weather conditions.

Drive Frequently

This is a simple way to ensure a longer life and functionality for your car battery. Always remember that when you drive, the car battery recharges. Therefore, if you drive your car regularly, the battery remains charged, but if it remains idle for too long, then the battery can drain over time. So, drive your vehicle at least once a week for 30 minutes or more to keep it charged and in use. It takes time for the battery to charge completely, so don’t just go for a short ride as that won’t give enough time for the battery to recharge fully.

Check the Fluid Levels

The fluid level inside the battery should cover the battery plates, and if it doesn’t, then that means the level is too low. If that is the case, pour some distilled water as tap water has dissolved minerals in it that can affect the performance of the battery. The fluid level should be checked roughly every six months or when it is time to change the engine oil.

Unplug Devices and Turn off Lights

A lot of drivers don’t know that devices like the air-conditioner, radio, chargers, cell phones, GPS navigators, etc. that are plugged in the car can pull power directly from the battery even when the vehicle is not running. This can result in the battery getting drained over time. Hence, all devices must be unplugged once you turn off the car.

Similarly, headlights pull too much power directly from the car battery when it’s not running, and thus, you must double-check that the headlights are off before you leave.

Moreover, to maintain your car battery, you must care for your whole car as the battery is one element of the vehicle. All the parts and elements work together to keep your vehicle running. Also, if your battery needs changing then replace it with a good-quality battery that is less than a month old. Don’t go for a cheap alternative as it may not last long and will be added trouble for you.

Do You Need to Change Your Car Battery? Car Fit Experts is Here to Help

Even after taking care of the car battery and following all the maintenance tips and tricks, there comes a time when you must replace the battery. This could happen if the battery gets damaged or when it has simply run its course and needs replacing. For any of these situations, Car Fit Experts is here to help you.

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