All About Choosing The Right Auto Battery For Your Car

One thing that is common between electronic devices like mobile phones, smart cameras, etc. is that they are all ‘battery operated’. The battery is considered the heart and soul of any electronic device and the same principle holds good for the car as well. The car battery is a vital component as it plays a major role in keeping the vehicle operational.

Can you start your car with a dead battery? This is not possible even in the wildest dreams and this answers why you should focus on keeping the auto battery in top-notch condition.

Auto Battery is to a car what heart is to the human body

Along with the auto battery, the alternator and starter are the other integral electrical components in the car. All these components work in conjunction to ensure the smooth functioning of the car. However, the starter and alternator also draw power from the battery. Electronic equipment like the air conditioner, music system, as well as brakes is also dependent on the auto battery.

In this blog, we walk you through all the essential aspects of the car battery. The blog can be used as a handy guide for choosing the best auto battery for your car. In the later part, we would also touch upon when should you replace your car battery.

How to choose the correct battery for your car

The car engine won’t even start with an unhealthy (or non-functional) battery. To ensure that you have a smooth long-lasting ride with your car, it is essential to get the car battery checked by trained technicians at Car Fit Experts. The expert team at Car Fit Experts will thoroughly check the condition of the battery and suggest repair (or replacement) based on their findings of the auto battery.

Here are some of the important tips that will be helpful when considering replacement of the car battery:

1. Understand the battery essentials

Choosing a car battery with a much lesser capacity means that you might end up replacing the same much sooner than you earlier anticipated. On the other hand, going with a battery with a higher capacity might burn a hole in your pocket. So, how do you choose the ideal auto battery for your car? This is where a deeper understanding of battery essentials comes into the picture.

Battery Specifications

Though it is difficult to understand the nuances of an auto battery, you should at least have a look at the owner’s manual to get a know-how of the specifications of the auto battery. This information will come in handy when you are planning for the replacement of the battery.

Life Expectancy

Car batteries from renowned battery manufacturers like Exide and Amaron can last for a good number of years (subject to the handling of the car). Opting for a cheaper car battery can result in malfunctioning of the other electronic components and can result in hazardous consequences.

You should always opt for a battery from reputed manufacturers else you might eventually end up spending much more on maintenance of the vehicle.

Old Battery vs. New Battery

In case you are opting for a replacement of the car battery, it is important to compare the specifications of the old battery with the new one. Even if the specs of the old battery do not match entirely with the new battery, you should choose the one that is closest to the old battery.

Choose a winning dealership

You might save a few bucks by visiting a cheaper car dealer who can repair or replace the auto battery. The downside of this approach is the risk of handing over the car to an unreliable car dealer.

On the other hand, a reputed dealer like Car Fit Experts has experienced personnel that can provide perfect advice on whether you should opt for repair or replacement of the car battery.

2. Choose the right power

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) measure the starting power of the vehicle which should essentially match the requirements of your vehicle. Along with CCA, you should also consider Reserve Capacity (RC) that measures the number of minutes of reserve power at a particular load.

Reserve Capacity indicates the amount of power required for powering the accessories in the car when the engine is in the off state. It is essential to have a look at the RC rating (in minutes) before you opt for battery replacement.

3. Maintenance of the Auto Battery

Car batteries from renowned manufacturers like Exide and Amaron require lower maintenance in comparison to batteries that come at a much cheaper cost. A maintenance-free auto battery does not require electrolyte monitoring.

On the other hand, cheaper batteries from average brands come at a lower cost but require continuous monitoring of electrolyte levels. The monitoring can only be done by professional experts from Car Fit Experts.

For reduced maintenance and long-lasting auto battery, purchase a battery from known manufacturers since this additional investment results in a significant reduction of maintenance costs.

Now that have a brief idea about choosing a long-lasting and durable car battery, let’s look at tips to improve battery life.

Essential Tips For Improving Battery Life

Here is how you can make the most out of your auto battery:

  • Always keep the battery and its case clean & tidy.
  • Ensure that the battery cables are attached properly to the respective terminals.
  • Ensure that you take sufficient precautionary measures when charging the auto battery.
  • Keep a close watch on the health of the battery.
  • In case the battery shows some performance deterioration, visit an authorized expert like Car Fit Experts so their team can advise on repair or replacement of the battery.
  • Avoid frequent start & stop operations of the car engine as it puts a high load on the auto battery and drains it much faster than anticipated.

When Is The Right Time To Replace The Car Battery

You should get the car battery checked from time to time. In case you believe that your vehicle is not performing up to the mark, you should get the battery checked at the earliest.

Always consult the mechanic on whether the battery can be repaired since it is more economical in comparison to a battery replacement. Here are some of the signs which indicate that the auto battery has to be replaced:

  • Flickering of car lights
  • Power windows either become slow or stop working
  • Gradual cranking of the car engine
  • Corrosion or oxidation on the battery node
  • Performance deterioration when other electrical components like air conditioner, audio system, etc. are turned on

You should always look out for the battery indicator on the dashboard, as it shows the condition of the auto battery. You should opt for a battery replacement in case you have observed any of the above-mentioned issues.


Since the auto battery is an integral part of the vehicle, you should always seek assistance from trained and experienced personnel who have relevant skills & expertise in solving a range of car battery problems.

Car Fit Experts have skilled technicians who can help you in choosing the best-suited battery for your car. They only recommend batteries from manufacturers like Exide and Amaron so that you can attain maximum performance from the vehicle.