Maruti Suzuki Wagon R (2003-2008) – Car Battery Price

Car Type Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Wagon R (2003-2008) Amaron PR-00050B20L Rs. 4550 Rs. 3850
Wagon R (2003-2008) Amaron FL-00042B20L Rs. 4150 Rs. 3450
Wagon R (2003-2008) Amaron GO-00038B20L Rs. 3900 Rs. 3200
Wagon R (2003-2008) Amaron BL-0BL400LMF Rs. 3630 Rs. 2930
Wagon R (2003-2008) Amaron FR-0FR400LMF Rs. 3450 Rs. 2750
Wagon R (2003-2008) Petrol EX 38B20L ML Rs. 4000 Rs. 3300
Wagon R (2003-2008) Petrol EX EAZY 34B19L Rs. 3800 Rs. 3100
Wagon R (2003-2008) Petrol EX DYNEX 35L Rs. 3550 Rs. 2850
Wagon R (2003-2008) Petrol EX CABBY 35L Rs. 3500 Rs. 2800
Wagon R (2003-2008) Diesel EX 38B20L ML Rs. 4000 Rs. 3300
Wagon R (2003-2008) Diesel EX EAZY 34B19L Rs. 3800 Rs. 3100
Wagon R (2003-2008) Diesel EX DYNEX 35L Rs. 3550 Rs. 2850
Wagon R (2003-2008) Diesel EX CABBY 35L Rs. 3500 Rs. 2800

Scroll down and request a quote to know the Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R car battery price. The iconic Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R has been around for 20 years. Throughout its run, this tall-boy hatchback with tonnes of space has been loved by families all across the country. So much so that the last generation of the Wagon-R has been in the showrooms for almost 9 years. This vehicle remains one of the top 10 selling cars in India month after month till date.


About Wagon-R


The Wagon-R is sturdy and provides class-leading space for the price it is offered in. The exterior looks clean with straight body lines and squarish headlamps. The cabin is comfortable with ample head, leg and shoulder room. The Wagon-R is offered in both petrol and CNG variants with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The CNG variant was introduced to reel in the taxi segment, and there are countless Wagon-R taxis on Indian roads today.


Features and Specifications


The petrol, as well as the CNG Wagon-R, is offered with an 1100 cc, 3-cylinder engine averaging at 18.9 kmpl. The cabin comes loaded with features like power steering, power windows, air-conditioner, heater, fabric upholstery, rear window wiper and defogger, engine immobiliser, side-impact beams, anti-theft alarm, child safety locks, tinted glass, inbuilt speakers, entertainment system, and much more.


Importance of Wagon R Car Battery Maintenance


Your car’s battery is its beating heart. It is fundamental for starting the engine, powering wiper blades, charging phones on the go, turning on headlights, and much more. A well-maintained automotive battery by brands like Amaron, Exide, etc. generally lasts for 3 to 5 years. However, a battery can die prematurely if it is unauthentic, exposed to extreme temperature differentials, corrosion, dust, etc. If lately, your Wagon-R is struggling to start on the first go, it is most likely a battery-related issue. You can get it reliably checked and replaced at Car Fit Experts.


How to Choose the Right Battery Expert?


Warranty certification while buying a battery set is a key differentiator between premium brands and unauthentic ones. Established battery brands include Amaron, Exide, Bosch, 3M, etc. that offer at least a two-year warranty on the purchase of automotive batteries. Avoid purchasing a battery set from a local, non-branded vendor, even if they offer the product at a relatively lower price. Such sets will not come with proper warranty certification or after-sales service.


About Car Fit Experts


Want better care for your Wagon-R at the location of your choice? Turn to Car Fit Experts for battery check and replacement and car detailing services (available at select stores across the nation). We are India’s biggest automotive-care network with 80+ service centres across 45+ cities and hundreds of mobile vans. Car Fit Experts offers 100% genuine products from brands like Exide, Amaron, Bosch, and 3M with relevant warranties. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us for all your car-care needs today!

Frequently Asked Questions

For Maruti Suzuki Wagon R (2003-2008) – Price car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Maruti Suzuki Wagon R (2003-2008) – Price car battery, you can contact our experts.