Tips to Disinfect Car Windshield and Door Handles before Entering It

The spread of COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill. Today, as anxiety and fear about the contagion rises, the world paints a dismal picture. Amid the coronavirus-induced lockdown, while you practice social distancing and maintain personal hygiene, remember to disinfect your vehicles too, especially if you’re using them to travel for work, grocery shopping, medical emergencies, etc. This is why the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended frequent disinfecting of hi-touch surfaces like car handles and steering wheels.

Can COVID-19 Spread through Surfaces?

Yes! The novel coronavirus can be contracted through indirect contamination or fomite contamination. Basic biology states that a fomite – an inanimate object that can carry viruses – can cause surface transmission upon contact, if it is infected. For instance – If a person touches a contaminated surface with his hands and then, touches his eyes, nose or mouth, he can get infected.

Besides, the World Health Organisation (WHO) says that the novel coronavirus can live for up to a maximum of 5 days, on several household objects and surfaces like paper, glass, etc. so the chances of indirect contamination are high.

Here are some tips on how to disinfect your car’s windshield and door handles to ensure safety.

Wear Disposable Gloves

As a precautionary measure, remember to wear disposable gloves before you start cleaning your car windshield and door handles to prevent indirect contact. Once you finish the cleaning process, remove the disposable gloves from the inside-out, and wash your hands immediately.

Choose a Suitable Disinfectant

According to the CDC, alcohol-based disinfectants with at least 70% alcohol quantity are effective against COVID-19. Most household disinfectants can also be used to clean car windshield and door handles. However, avoid using disinfectants such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia-based cleaners, etc. as they can be damaging. Or else, use soap or detergent water to disinfect since it can also remove the novel coronavirus from surfaces.

Wipe Using a Microfiber Cloth

One of the most effective and safe methods to disinfect your car windshield and door handles is to wipe them using a clean microfiber cloth and soap water. Since the fabric of a microfiber cloth is made up of tiny little loops, it can capture various pathogens without inflicting scratches on the surface. Simply put – dampen a microfiber cloth in some soap/detergent water or disinfectant of your choice, and wipe down the windshield while wearing disposable gloves; the process applies for door handles as well.

Use a Disinfectant Spray

In some cases, you might not have immediate access to a disinfectant or cloth to wipe the car surfaces; during such times, a disinfectant spray will come handy. A highly convenient option, you can use the disinfectant spray on your car windshield and door handles without raking too much effort or wasting time; even large car surfaces like a windshield can be disinfected in no time. Also, it is wiser to dry out or clean the sprayed area using wipes, before you enter the car.

Over to You

To remain vigilant against the novel coronavirus spread, you must disinfect hi-touch surfaces like car door handles as well as surfaces like windshield before entering and exiting your car. This can significantly reduce the risk of contagion spread, especially during your visits to public places like markets or hospitals.

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