What car battery warranty means and how and when to avail it

Most people, when purchasing a car, assume that the warranty covers all its components. They aren’t wrong. However, the terms and conditions for your car battery warranty can be different from the car itself. Confused? No problem. Read on for the details.

A car battery warranty typically covers for 24 months or 36,000 miles from the date of purchase of the battery. Some warranties have a cover of even 5 years. The warranty can be part of the car insurance, or you can purchase it separately. For more details, dig up your warranty manual and read through it. So what does your warrant mean exactly?


Car Battery Warranty Types

There are three basic types of battery warranties – Free Replacement, Pro-Rata Warranty, and Composite.

Free Replacement Warranty

Under the Free Replacement Warranty, your battery will be covered with a free replacement if it stops working or suffers some malfunction. However, different companies have different conditions for how the malfunction or damage occurs.

For example, most companies do not offer a free replacement in case the damage is external such as due to hammering the battery, damage to the plastic cover, or damage to the battery terminals.

Pro-Rata Warranty

When your car battery is under Pro-rata warranty, you don’t get a replacement battery but a discount over the prevailing MRP of the battery in case of damage or malfunction. Batteries purchased under the pro-rata warranty claim will get a fresh warranty.

However, as in the case of Free Replacement warranty, most companies will not cover damage that has signs of deliberations.

Composite Warranty

Some companies provide a combination of Free Replacement and Pro-rata. For example, a battery warranty can have 12 months of free replacement followed by 12 months of pro-rata cover.


How and When to Avail Your Car Battery Warranty

You can claim your warranty for your car battery if it is been damaged or if you are facing a problem with its functioning. Once you have purchased your warranty, it is imperative to register your details with the company. This is usually an online process.

If you think that your battery is malfunctioning while still being under warranty, got to an authorised mechanic and confirm the problem. Once it is confirmed that the battery is dead, note down the make, model, and date of manufacturing of the car battery – you will need this information while filing a claim.

Contact the nearest authorised battery dealer and inform them about the dead battery. The dealer may ask to re-confirm your claim. Once the dealer receives the confirmation, using the battery details you noted earlier, select the best battery for your car and place an order. In case of any difficulties, the dealer will provide assistance.

Once the battery arrives, you will get a new warranty card based on the terms and conditions of your car battery warranty.


Things to Note

There are a few pointers you need to check before claiming your car battery warranty. While all companies have different terms and conditions, here are the most common terms to be noted.

Car battery warranty starts at the date of purchase of the original customer. So, if you have purchased a refurbished car, make sure to check the warranty. In case you replace your battery under the warranty, the warranty of the replacement battery will commence not from the date of purchase of the replacement battery but that of the new battery.

Any warranty claims will be taken into consideration only when you have the original warranty receipt. So take good care of your warranty card. Warranty claims can be denied for merely discharged batteries or damage sustained due to abuse or neglect. It is imperative to provide proper maintenance to your car battery.


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