5 Reasons to Pick Exide Battery for Your Car

Simply put, the battery is the beating heart of your automobile. You might argue that it’s the engine, but without the power zap provided for ignition by the battery, the engine won’t start and the car won’t budge. There are many uses and advantages provided by your car’s battery, but before installing it, you must consider the following parameters for choosing on –

Do not buy a battery that is 6 months past its manufacturing date. Battery freshness is indicated on it by a printed code which has a letter and a number. The letter stands for the month and the number defines the year of manufacture. For example, A/20 stands for January in the year 2020.

Car Battery Replacement at Your Doorstep

Buy maintenance-free batteries. Double check to ensure that you do not buy a car battery which has unsealed caps that allow you to add distilled water occasionally. A no-maintenance battery is sealed and do not require you to pour distilled water.

Ask about the reserve capacity of the battery before purchasing one. Higher reserve capacity refers to the amount of time the battery can run on its own, sans the engine and before getting discharged. A battery with improved capacity can help your car through sticky situations such as alternator failure, disobedient engine or when you accidentally leave the headlights turned on.

Buy a battery with higher CCA or Cold Cranking Amps to help your car start easily during cold weather conditions. CA or Cranking Amps certified batteries are not great at cranking up the engine in extremely cold weather conditions. Choose CCA certified batteries in the case of CCA vs CA.

Choose an established battery provider giving a longer replacement warranty. Batteries can sometimes be finicky, which is why getting one installed by a trusted provider is critical.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Exide Battery

Exide car batteries fulfil all the aforementioned purchase parameters and provide extra support and installation benefits from the comfort of your home. They have been a trusted name in this industry for more than some 100 years. Started as an importer and distributor of batteries, Exide today has seven manufacturing plants in India, Singapore and Sri Lanka. With such a distinguished portfolio, they have become the largest battery manufacturer in the Indian sub-continent. Let us understand in detail the advantages of choosing Exide battery online for your vehicle –

Exhaustive Variety

Be it an SUV, a sedan or a hatch back, Exide batteries cater to all types of vehicles. Choose from a vast range of batteries like Exide EPIQ, Matrix, Gold, Express, Cabby, and countless others to endure the toughest of Indian roads. The manufacturer provides a complete feature spectrum and warranty styles through these product ranges. Whether your work involves off-roading or city driving, Exide has a battery solution for all purposes.

Sturdy and Long-Lasting

Exide batteries have a robust design with excellent spill-resistant characteristics. Your battery will always stay clamped in its place and never spill fluid under the hood. The superior make and sturdy build also ensure that the battery withstands high temperatures. Exide batteries decrease vibrations on bumpy roads, are fast to recharge and low on upkeep and maintenance.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Exide’s on-site and off-site assistance is a force to reckon with. Experience a brand with unmatched customer service through its network of trusted authorised vendors. Additionally, Exide’s Batmobile is a 24×7, free of cost, on-road emergency service in case your car breaks down.

Call them at 1800-103-5454 and the Batmobile will be at the place of incident in no time. The Exide Batmobile continues to reach a few lakh customers across 83 Indian cities and towns on their fleet of 117 scooters. If you were lucky enough to have your battery give-up on you at home, then simply call Exide and they will deliver, install and test the battery at your door-step.

Reliable Warranty

All Exide car batteries come with warranty protection that offers you hassle-free replacement in the rare occasion of battery breakdown. Customers receive the warranty for 36 months, 48 months or more depending on the product they choose. You can also choose to purchase an extended warranty to stay assured of unwavering assistance and support from the brand for a long time.

Can be Bought Online

It might be a bother for several busy customers to make a trip to the vendor shop or find the time to call for purchasing the Exide battery online. For such busy-bees, the manufacturer also has a convenient online portal where they can buy their car batteries. Moreover, The item will get delivered free of charge at your door-step.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an Exide battery ensures reliability and long-lasting comfort. Fit it and forget it! When you purchase an Exide Battery from AIS Car Fit Experts, you can be rest assured of its genuine quality and price. We have world-class expertise and a team of professionally-trained workers who work with top-of-the-line tools that take care of all your car battery needs, at your door step. Get in touch with us or simply visit our website to explore and purchase from our wide range of Exide batteries online.


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