Your Guide to Jump Start a Car Battery

You woke up on time, got ready to leave, entered your car, but as soon as you turned on the ignition of the car, you hear sputters and clicks but the engine doesn’t start. It is obvious that the car battery is dead; it can happen to anyone. Now, do you wait for the roadside assistance service or jump start the battery?

Well, the latter is a more suitable option if you don’t want to be late. With the right set of tools and basic knowledge on the subject, you can jump start the engine and be on your own way soon. Here are the steps:

  1. You need jumper cables

Jumper cables are inexpensive and can be obtained at auto part stations, petrol pumps, or even travelers if you’re stalled on the road. Available in varying lengths, the shorter variants are more efficient as they don’t lose the charge easily as compared to longer cables. Also, the thicker the cables, the better charge they will provide. Therefore, it is good idea to buy a pair of good cables with the new car battery for emergencies.

  1. A car with a working battery

You need another vehicle with a working/charged battery to jump start your car’s engine. Problem solved if you have another car. Alternatively, ask neighbors or request other drivers on the road to spare a few minutes to help you.

  1. Park the cars head to head

The cars need to be parked head to head at a distance so that their batteries can be connected without having to stretch the cables. Turn off the assisting other car as well and open their hoods to connect the battery terminals.

  1. Identify the terminals

As it goes with the terminals, the cables are colored red (positive) and black (negative). You will find markers (+, -) on them as well. Logically, the red cable must be connected to the positives terminals of both car’s batteries. Never connect the positive terminal with a negative terminal.

  1. Find a metal ground

While one end of the black cable must be connected to the negative terminal of the good battery, the other end must be connected to a metallic part under the hood of the stalled car. Connect the positives (dead car battery first) and then the black to the negative of the good battery and then the other end to the metal ground. You may use the engine block or any metal surface away from the battery.

  1. Starting the cars

Make sure that no one is in contact with the batteries and the cables. Start the car with the working battery and wait for at least 2 minutes before you turn the ignition on the stalled car. There can be 2 instances and here’s what you can do in both cases.

The car starts

  • Remove the black cable from the metal ground and then remove the other end from the battery terminal
  • Remove the red cable from the terminal of the assisting car and then the other end from the previously stalled car

The car doesn’t start

  • Wait for a few minutes and try turning the ignition on the stalled car again. Next, see a battery service provider ASAP so that you do not face issues again.

If the stalled car doesn’t start after another try, you must search for car battery replacement service near me online and get a replacement at the earliest since the battery is most probably dead. Car Fit Experts offers prompt Car Battery Check and Replacement Services. Drive down to the nearest center or call us for more information.