The Dos and Don’ts of Exide Car Battery Maintenance

Keeping your car battery in optimal health is crucial for your vehicle to keep running for a long time. An Exide car battery is a smart investment for your vehicle. But it will deliver great results only when you know how to maintain it. Check out the important dos and don’ts of maintaining the health of your Exide car battery.

1. Do Check the Terminal Clamps Regularly

Corrosion is a major reason why multiple parts of your car get damaged. But only a little bit of your cleaning can help keep corrosion at bay. Rather than doing DIY, it would be better to call expert professionals as they carry out the cleaning process effectively. Some of the processes followed by them are:

  • Cleaning the terminals, cables, and battery posts.
  • Brushing the positive as well as negative battery ports and cable ends.
  • The experts will usually turn off the engine and disconnect the cables. They will also remove the negative cable before the positive one.

2. Don’t Keep the Car Exposed to Heat for a Long Time

Heat is a major nemesis for the durability of your car battery. With exposure to too much heat, the fluid in your car battery will evaporate. As a result, the life and functionality of the car battery will be ruined.
At times, we don’t have an option but to park the car right under the sun. But always try to find a shady place to park your car. You need to ensure that you don’t frequently leave your car parked outside with exposure to heat.
Moreover, keep your car in a garage if you don’t plan on taking it out for a ride for a long time.

3. Do Turn Off the Lights of Your Car

Before you start scrolling the internet with the keyword “Exide car battery near me” to get the batteries replaced, try to figure out what might have caused the damage. If you frequently forget to turn off the lights of your car after parking it, you have contributed to the slow death of the Exide battery.
Turning off the headlights and other lights in the vehicle is crucial to expand the life of your Exide car battery. Additionally, try to keep the AC, heating, or music systems of your car off when it’s parked with the engine turned off. It will give your Exide car battery enough time to recharge and improve its life.

4. Don’t Use Acid to Clean Your Car Battery

Never use acid to clean your Exide car battery because it will cause corrosion and damage. You should only pour distilled water up to the level indicating maximum. Special grease or spray is effective to protect your Exide car battery and keep it functional for a long time. The special substances can protect the battery parts from corrosion.
That’s the reason, it is always advised to call in professionals for car battery cleaning, as they have the experience and acumen to execute such tasks.

Final Thoughts

While Exide car batteries are highly durable with the right maintenance, you will need to replace them at some point or another. Whenever you need Exide car battery replacement, AIS Carfit Experts will come to your rescue. We offer 100% genuine Exide car batteries at the right price. You can also enjoy our warranty on Exide car batteries for a specific period according to the model.