Does using an Exide car battery actually impact your driving experience?

Exide car battery impact on driving experience

We all have specific brands that we rely on when buying certain items, be it clothing, snacks, or even soft beverages. The same holds true for car batteries. Many people swear by their Exide car battery, and as a layman, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. After all, it’s not like you interact with your Exide car battery the way you do with any other product daily, right?

Well, that is not correct!

Your car battery directly affects the overall performance of your car. A subpar battery is more likely to run out of juice faster, increasing the risk of being stranded in the middle of the road. Moreover, if you ignore the battery you’re using and just allow your mechanic to add any battery they may have on hand, you’ll be in for some serious trouble. This is because you have to follow the OEM specifications of each car model and align the same with the battery you’re using.

The make of your car battery can determine how long the battery will last, whether there will be any electrical shortages while you drive, and even the overall lifespan of your engine. Thus, it’s imperative to pay attention to the same.

So, where does an Exide car battery fit into the picture? Keep reading to know more!

Why should you get an Exide car battery?

Indian roads can be pretty challenging to drive on. Filled with potholes, home to bottlenecks and traffic jams, and often quite rough, our roads can take a toll on the car’s battery—furthermore, most states in India experience scorching summers. The heat can damage different components of the battery, leading to a shorter lifespan and a horrible customer experience for you.

When you buy an Exide car battery, you guarantee that you’re buying a battery from one of the most trusted names in the country. An Exide car battery is claimed to have a lifespan of between 4-6 years, making it a no-brainer to choose this over products offered by other battery manufacturers. Now, you’re probably wondering what allows an Exide car battery to last longer than other batteries. The answer is simple. The brand Exide uses high-quality battery acid that prevents the components of the battery from being eroded too quickly. This is precisely why they last much longer.

Within the context of the challenges that Indian environments pose to batteries, you’ll find that an Exide car battery leaves its competition in the dust. This is primarily because of a system known as the Hybrid Alloy System (HAS) that is used in every Exide car battery during the manufacturing process. This system helps your Exide car battery perform well regardless of:

  • The extreme heat or cold (even when the bonnet of the car is super hot or cold)
  • Lots of potholes on the road (because they do not spill acid)

Another major advantage of getting an Exide car battery is that you also get a warranty on the product. As a result, you can get it changed for free should you face any difficulties with it. The same cannot always be said for low-end brands that offer cheaper car batteries.

Where can you get an Exide car battery?

Exide car battery impact on driving experience

When you’re looking for an Exide car battery, it’s important to ensure that you only go to a trusted garage. Car Fit Experts are India’s leading garage chain and offer a whole host of services such as car battery replacement, access to genuine batteries, car detailing and more. You can use our website to find the nearest Car Fit Experts near you so that you don’t have to drive too far to get your new Exide car battery.

If your battery doesn’t have enough juice to help, you drive to the nearest Car Fit Experts? Don’t worry! Our experts can come over to your house and pick up the car for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about driving at all.

At Car Fit Experts, we ensure that your car is fitted with a genuine Exide car battery that matches the OEM specifications of your car. We can also give your engine a quick once-over to check whether everything is working as it should be! Our expert professionals have years of experience in car battery replacement and other services to improve your overall experience with your car. Thus, you can trust us to take care of the vehicle and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Not sure whether you need a new car battery? Let us perform a few quick checks and let you know. To know more about getting a new Exide car battery, get in touch with our professionals today.