Audi A3 Car Battery

Car Type Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
A3 Diesel Amaron PR-600109087 Rs. 16500 Rs. 14500
A3 Diesel EX M/T DIN 100 Ah Rs. 16650 Rs. 14650
A3 Petrol Amaron PR-600109087 Rs. 16500 Rs. 14500
A3 Petrol EX M/T DIN 100 Ah Rs. 16650 Rs. 14650

About Audi A3

Audi A3 is available in a range of stylistic choices, with both solid and metallic paint finishes. The adjustable headlights and the rear fog lights are sharp and stunning, while the power-adjustable rear-view mirror adds to driver comfort. With distinct sun and moon roofs, integrated antenna, chrome grille, and air inlets, A3 exudes a sporty and luxe vibe.

The interiors of the vehicle are equally rewarding, with power steering, power controlled windows, a 2 zone automatic climate control, air quality control, reading lamps, rear air conditioning vents, front and rear cup holders and an efficient navigation system. One of the most loved features of the car remains its 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

The 1968 cc engine delivers an excellent mileage of 20.38 kmpl and can achieve a top speed of 215 km/hr. An automatic transmission system and a 6-speed gearbox allow the vehicle to reach from 0 to 100 in barely 8.6 seconds, therefore adding to Audi A3’s promise of speed and performance.

Importance of Maintaining Car Battery

For a luxury car like Audi A3, sufficient maintenance and care should not be overlooked. Any faults in the fuel, engine or electric systems of the vehicle could cause permanent damage to it and compromise driver safety. For example, if your A3 is having trouble starting in the morning, have its battery checked by a professional. Since automotive batteries support everything from the engine to the air-conditioning of your vehicle, ignoring their health is fatal to your car. To ensure that your car’s battery is performing aptly, have an expert run regular checks on it. This way, you do not risk getting stuck with a suddenly dead car battery.

What Happens if Your Car Battery Fails?

If your automotive battery stops functioning completely, there is little you can do except replacement. With a failed battery, your car is virtually dead.

Most car batteries do not die all of a sudden. There will usually be a telltale sign of their imminent death of you notice carefully. Some of the most typical symptoms of a weak automotive battery include dim or flickering headlights, a slow-cranking engine, or a damaged battery case.

How to Find the Right Experts?

If you want your car battery checked and replaced, approach a professional service that offers genuine products, timely services and used high-quality replacement equipment. There is no better choice than Car Fit Experts to provide you with all these features and more.

About Car Fit Experts Products and Services

Understanding the need for a high-performance car battery, we at Car Fit Experts equip your car with the best automotive batteries in the market. Our best-in-class products and highly skilled technicians attend to your vehicle with the utmost care. Our motto is customer satisfaction, and our partnership with Bosch, Amaron, Exide, 3M and Talbros Penray ensures just that. An elaborate yet quick replacement process follows our detailed check and analysis of your car battery if need be. We also understand your inability to drive to our service centres all the time, and therefore offer doorstep battery check and replacement services. In addition to tending to car batteries, we also offer headlight restoration services.

If you need any car battery services, Car Fit Experts is a mere phone call away. Contact us today to get the best for your car.


Frequently Asked Questions

For Audi A3 car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Audi A3 car battery, you can contact our experts.