Hyundai EON (2011-till now) Car Battery

About Hyundai Eon

With a displacement engine of 0.8-litre IRDE petrol (814 cc) that gives a power of 55 bhp, this five-seater hatchback has 5 gears and a single clutch. The car has a fuel tank capacity of 32-litres and offers a mileage of 22.03 kmpl. Besides these specifications, the car comes equipped with several other advanced functionalities such as airbags, engine immobiliser, central locking, child safety lock, headlamp beam adjuster, heating and cooling systems, tilt steering adjustment, fabric upholstery, keyless entry, door ajar warning, front fog lamps, a music system, speakers, USB support, and a CD/DVD player.


Importance of a Car Battery

Of all components of your car, it is the humble battery that keeps it alive and kicking. After all, it gives the initial push (zap of electricity) needed to move the car forward. But, the role of the car battery only begins there – all the various electrical components and advanced functionalities of your car such as its wiper blades, entertainment system, charging points, heating and cooling systems, etc. need the electricity supplied by your car’s battery to keep them functioning.

To put it in simple words, without a proper battery, your car will be as good as dead.


Does it Matter what Type of Battery I put in My Car?

Your beloved Eon is hale and hearty when it runs on a healthy battery. The above-mentioned functions are performed best by a genuine, OEM-recommended battery alone. A fake or poor-quality battery won’t even stand a chance.

Not only that, but poor batteries are also silent killers that can wreak havoc on your car’s functionality. They not only thwart the various advanced driver-assistance features of your vehicle but lead to glitches in its performance. Gradually, a defective cell will lead to alternator failure and in worst cases, even engine death – all this without even letting you know.

Moreover, unlike genuine batteries, the fake ones do not give signs of their imminent death. All seems to be going well unless one day, out of the blue, you realise their deplorable condition.

This is why the wise thing to do is never be lured by cheap car batteries and always invest in an authentic one.


Where to Find the Right Battery Experts?

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