BMW Car Battery

About the Brand

The roots of the world-famous automaker BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG can be traced back to 1916, founded by Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto. Sophistication of appearance and high-performance is how the German automaker’s high-end cars are defined.

Though the German automotive behemoth has several ranges of limited-production cars, some of its most iconic makes ever include the 1956 BMW Isetta 300, the 1956 BMW 507 Roadster, the 1975 BMW E21 3 Series, the 2010 BMW 1M Coupe, and the 2015 BMW i8. 

Car Battery: More Vital than You Think

When asked, hardly any car owner denies that a car battery is the most vital of the car’s components. What oxygen is to the human body, a battery is to a vehicle. Yet, more often than not, their belief is one in word, not in deed. Why? Because many do not have a clear picture of the role a battery plays in keeping their beloved car alive and kicking.

For instance – Your BMW’s battery supplies the initial zap of electricity needed for the engine to push the vehicle forward. In short, notwithstanding how high-end your vehicle is and the degree of luxury it offers, your car literally will be as good as dead without a healthy battery. Moreover, your precious BMW’s advanced driver-assistance features such as rain-sensing wiper blades, heating/cooling systems, infotainment system, etc. depend upon its high-performance battery. A poor-quality or dying battery will reflect in the form of glitches even in the performance of these advanced features. 

A Seldom Driver? What You Need to Know Now!

If you’re one of those lucky few who gets to live in a comfortable condo in a convenient part of the city where driving is seldom required, that is great! Yet, you should not completely give up on taking your gorgeous BMW out for rides – long rides. Yes, just like the human body needs regular exercise to stay in shape, so does your car.

For a high-end car such as yours that has power-hungry gadgets and computers, it is highly unlikely that the battery can last for more than two short weeks when left sitting idle. Moreover, asking your car out only for short 15-minute trips everyday won’t help either – the battery will not get sufficient charging time.

The best way to keep the battery healthy then is to make a couple of long family road-trips at least once every week. 

Why Choose Car Fit Experts for Your BMW

Glitches with your BMW’s battery that need to be addressed immediately? Get in touch with the leading car-care provider in India – Car Fit Experts. We own a wide inventory of 100% authentic, high-performance batteries from brands such as Amaron and Exide available at exciting discounts with relevant warranties. Moreover, our trained experts will perform battery check and replacement in accordance with international safety norms. Moreover, we employ eco-friendly methods of battery disposal and recycling.

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