Maruti Suzuki Zen – Car Battery

Car Type Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Zen – Petrol Amaron PR-00050B20L Rs. 4550 Rs. 3850
Zen – Petrol Amaron FL-00042B20L Rs. 4150 Rs. 3450
Zen – Petrol Amaron GO-00038B20L Rs. 3900 Rs. 3200
Zen – Petrol Amaron BL-0BL400LMF Rs. 3630 Rs. 2930
Zen – Petrol Amaron FR-0FR400LMF Rs. 3450 Rs. 2750
Zen Diesel Amaron PR-0055B24LS Rs. 6550 Rs. 5550
Zen Diesel EX M/T 45L Rs. 6850 Rs. 5850
Zen Petrol EX 38B20L ML Rs. 4000 Rs. 3300
Zen Petrol EX EAZY 34B19L Rs. 3800 Rs. 3100
Zen Petrol EX DYNEX 35L Rs. 3550 Rs. 2850
Zen Petrol EX CABBY 35L Rs. 3500 Rs. 2800
Zen Diesel EX 38B20L ML Rs. 4000 Rs. 3300
Zen Diesel EX EAZY 34B19L Rs. 3800 Rs. 3100
Zen Diesel EX DYNEX 35L Rs. 3550 Rs. 2850
Zen Diesel EX CABBY 35L Rs. 3500 Rs. 2800

The Maruti Zen has been providing countless Indians with an alternative to the Maruti-800 since 1993. This hatchback has been competitively-priced throughout its run and is built strong. Zen is touted for its smooth ride as well as drive quality, excellent mileage, simple yet stylish looks, and an incredible re-sale value.


About Maruti Zen


The Maruti Zen’s bonnet is shaped perfectly to allow the driver more clearance of the road in front. Unlike other low-slung hatchbacks, the Zen raises the driver to a more optimal height behind the steering wheel. The front fascia comes fitted with smartly shaped headlamps and simple straight body lines that award the Zen a sombre road appeal. The interiors are well-styled for the price and are built to last. This zen comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox with both petrol and diesel variants.


Features and Specifications


This diesel variant of Zen comes packed with a 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder SOHC engine with a maximum bhp of 58, averaging at 20.8 kmpl. The petrol variant houses a 1-litre, 4-cylinder SOHC-MPFI engine with a 60 bhp, averaging at 17 kmpl. The Maruti Zen feels light to drive and is surprisingly responsive. The cabin includes features like power steering, an accessory power outlet, front and rear fog lamps, child safety locks, side and front impact beams, engine check warning, engine immobiliser, and much more.


What Happens if You Choose Poor Batteries?


Your Zen’s battery is perhaps one of its most vital components under the hood. If it dies, your engine won’t ignite, wipers won’t work, headlights won’t come on, mobile phones won’t charge, etc. Choosing a high-performance battery is central to maintaining the health of your vehicle. Unauthentic and even poorly-installed batteries can reduce the lifespan of your Zen’s alternator, damage its engine, increase fuel consumption, and block sufficient fuel to the cylinders.


A genuine battery always sends out warning signs before dying like when your engine struggled to ignite in the first go. Unauthentic batteries can cough up and die suddenly, and usually within a year of installation. Always install batteries from trusted brands like Amaron, Exide, Bosch, 3M, etc. These last long and come with relevant warranties.


Choose Car Fit Experts for Your Maruti Zen


Is your Zen in need of a new battery set? Reach out to India’s largest automotive-care network – Car Fit Experts. We provide a host of services like battery check and replacement and car detailing services (available in select stores across the country). We understand that you may be unable to wheel your Zen into one of our service centres. You don’t have to! Simply call us at +91 9555305044 and one of our mobile vans will be at your place of convenience in a jiffy.


Car Fit Experts provides only genuine products via our tie-ups with brands like Amaron, Exide, Bosch, 3M, etc. with relevant warranty certifications. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

For Maruti Suzuki Zen – car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Maruti Suzuki Zen – car battery, you can contact our experts.