Nissan Terrano Car Battery

Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Amaron FL-566112060 Rs. 6550 Rs. 5350

About Nissan Terrano

Born out of an alliance between auto giants – Nissan and Renault – the Nissan Terrano is a solid example of badge engineered SUV, perfect in form and function.  Blessed by European aesthetics, the Terrano boasts of functional curves and generous dimensions with its predominantly austere looks.

In terms of performance, it has no equal in its segment. The Terrano houses a 1.5-litre K9K diesel engine which is available in two tunes – 110PS/248Nm and 85PS/200Nm. Though the numbers may seem a little lackluster, don’t let them fool you. The SUV is quick to reach the 100-mark, taking only 11.6 seconds. Its quarter-mile time of 18.1 seconds is also impressive, considering it’s an SUV. The best part is, the power-packed performance doesn’t take a toll on the mileage, which is quite remarkable at 17.5kmpl.

On the inside, the SUV offers an airy ambience, with its unconventional black and beige colour combination. Space for the front and back seat occupants is A+, with enough width that the driver won’t be elbowing their co-passenger. It also offers exceptional headroom and legroom, ensuring that long drives don’t take a toll on your back and legs.

Nissan has also loaded this SUV with a range of features, both in the safety and fun department. The top variant comes with a tablet-sized infotainment system, loaded with features like navigation, Bluetooth, and cruise control functionalities. In terms of safety, it comes with airbags, ABS, electronic brake-force distribution, and impact and speed-sensing auto door unlock.

In short, it’s a complete package.


Why Do You Need a First-Rate Battery for Nissan Terrano?

Given the host of power-hungry features Nissan Terrano is furnished with, it is of no doubt that a competent battery is a must to power it. Therefore, for a smooth and uninterrupted driving experience, it’s recommended to invest only in the best car battery for you Terrano.

Never go for car batteries solely based on the low price tag, as it can do more harm than good. How? Well, cheap batteries are known to cause issues like safety sensor failures and headlight failures, which, in a bad situation, can be disastrous or even deadly. It can also leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere with an unforeseen shutdown.


How Can I Get My Hands On High-Quality Car Batteries?

If you need your Nissan Terrano’s battery replaced, look no further than Car Fit Experts. We offer premium replacement services and battery checks to our customers, right at their doorstep! Our car care services are undertaken by trained professionals who possess in-depth knowledge about your car and what it needs for longevity. Moreover, you can be assured when it comes to quality, as we use only top-notch brands like Exide and Amaron, giving your Terrano, the treatment it needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

For Nissan Terrano car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Nissan Terrano car battery, you can contact our experts.