Hyundai Car Battery

About the Brand

With the brand motto of ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities,’ Hyundai or Hyundai Motors is a South-Korean automaker who started operations in Seoul back in 1967.

All of Hyundai’s models, some better than the others, are known for their spacious interiors, commendable mileage, reliable engine power, and fuel-efficiency.

The key feature that sets apart Hyundai cars from its competitors is the fact that the automaker has always offered value-for-money vehicles – advanced functionalities and features at affordable prices. This has made the car especially attractive to the middle-class (that also forms a majority of the population).

The Value of a Car Battery

For all things electrical in your Hyundai, it is the car battery that is the central hub of power. First and foremost, it supplies the engine the power needed to push the car forward on ignition. Moreover, all electrical features and advanced driver-assistance features of your car depend upon its battery for their existence – wiper blades, headlights and interior lights, phone charging sockets, heating/cooling systems, radio and entertainment system, etc.

To put it in simple words, your car will be as good as dead without a highly functional and genuine battery in place. Hence, what come may, it is your responsibility to maintain your cars battery and keep a tab on its health. When you notice any glitches in its performance, immediately address a reliable car-care service provider.

Leaving Car Door Open: What You Need to Know

A car door left open (even slightly) can become a major safety hazard in a moving vehicle. This is something most car owners are aware of. But, did you know that the same can be disastrous even when the vehicle is resting? In this case, there will be adverse effects on the car’s battery.

However, this is subject to a condition – you must check which features of your car get their power with the door open. For instance – dome lights, mirror step-down light, even part of the dashboard in some cars. Many modern-day cars do come equipped with a safety facility where after a certain number of minutes, the lights will automatically go off, causing no strain on the battery. However, if your car does not have such a facility, make it a practice to close all doors and windows properly if you don’t want to end up with a dead battery.  

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